Wright and Sullivan Rewards for Being on "Team Lovick"

Sometimes I see things in public records that make me pause.
It’s no secret that Brian Sullivan and Stephanie Wright are firmly attached at the lips to Lovick and formerly Mark Ericks derriere, since 2013 we have not seen one single vote against him for anything. Not even if it was illegal or just plain stupid. They seem to have forgotten they are here to serve the public not “Team Lovick”
In an earlier story we posted a letter supposedly from Brian Sullivan we found in John Lovick’s records where Sullivan was saying that Somers continually shut him out of budget and union negotiations, but every email I have seen is Somers trying (in vain) to get Wright and Sullivan to the table to sit down and talk about these things.
There are supposed to be hours of operation, and in city, county or state business they are vitally important. For reasons we haven’t figured out Lovick and Ericks took steps to give Wright and Sullivan unlimited access to the county buildings, resources and records
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I hope that once Lovick gets the boot that Somers changes the access codes and puts them back on regular access until they are also given the voter’s boot. Who knows what they’ve really been doing after hours and judging from past experience I don’t think it bodes well for the citizens.

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