Withholding Public Records Doesn't Stop The Truth From Coming Out

In a not so new move we have confirmed that certain records we requested are “taking longer then election day” on purpose.

In the words of Buddha

I had hoped to have more info from the requests to be able to help voters make an informed choice but in considering all that we do know I hope that most people can figure it out.
There is also a failure to recognize that even if the lack of information causes a bad actor to win the election, there is also the option to recall any elected official.
As we reported earlier John Lovick’ Campaign is based on lies and innuendos:
First by claiming the Seattle Times was endorsing him when they clearly endorsed Somers
Then claiming that Lovick was going to give tax payers a refund for his failed courthouse
Quoting from an earlier article
Mr Lovick and Mr Ericks have bullied their way through the last 2 years in Snohomish County:
1) They have mismanaged money
2) Threatened to kill anyone who challenges them
3) Given all their buddies overpaid jobs without council approval
4) Denied most of the county workers any livable wages with the help of the union rep
5) All the while screaming the sky is falling and blaming Mayor Stephanson for their abysmal failure at building a courthouse that no one needs
6) They have also been at the helm of the 2 biggest disasters in Snohomish County history Oso and the Marysville Pilchuck shooting
7) Managed to let more people die at the jail then ever before
8) Been responsible for record breaking lawsuits filed against the county
9) Paid more for internal investigations then have been spent in the previous 10 yrs because of their own and others they have brought on misconduct
10) Snubbed the Tulalip tribes but then tried to get them up in arms claiming Dave Somers had made some racist remarks against them, they basically told Lovick to shove off
Just remember that your vote counts, it is your choice now.

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