About me…

I have been a part of this community off & on for for over 40 yrs, there was a point that I had refused to come back for over 15 yrs because the entire county was so corrupt but when my family moved back from the Midwest I was almost killed & ended up right back here.

The problem is that I do love this county, & most of the people in it. It wasn’t long before the corruption would rear it’s ugly head at me via the City of Everett but I believe they grossly underestimated me.

I have been fighting back & in doing so created a Blog to chronicle the events. That ballooned into uncovering other types of corruption & far more victims until it just got too big for my little blog.

So now we have “The Snohomish County Reporter”

That being said: I am emotionally involved in most of the stories I write about so I will not be offended when a reader points that out to me.

Fortunately we have a very professional staff, one that I hope if this paper takes off that I can hand over to them someday.

Once I went through everything I did ~ The City of Everett spending around 1.5 million to convict me of a 1000 misdemeanor, & the local paper didn’t even step up to report this gross miscarriage of justice & waste of taxpayer money to the citizens who depended on them for the daily news that matters to our community I knew I had to do something myself.

I also learned to quit blaming those people, they were merely doing what they always have & what they have always gotten away with. The blame lies with all of us, we keep voting for the same stupid evil people & we don’t get involved in “the process” I equate it to leaving 100 teenagers alone in a house full of drugs & booze & being surprised that when you come back they’re all loaded. You didn’t set any ground rules & did not watch what they were doing…

There are quite a few people who are trying to change things but the only time you hear about them is in the local paper is when they are making a mockery of them so they are discredited. The old saying goes: “He who controls the media, controls the message”. This is a community newspaper, written by citizens, for news that is relevant to our daily lives.Not dictated by big advertisers or those in politics, unions, big builders or anyone who does not have our best interest at heart.

Even more disturbing is what stories don’t make it into the local news, we have got to change that: News can not be dictated down to what is popular, or what makes advertisers happy. We need to really know what is going on in our community. If you would like to be a community reporter then please email me at brandia@snocoreporter & we can figure out how to get your story out.

I am currently saving up the money to pay for a mass mailing & a mass robo calling campaign to let folks know about our paper. It took me months to save up for the paper, domain & hosting but this is important & it needs to be done. We don’t have any advertisers yet, & we are not charging for any non-profit & most community event organizers which is just the right thing to do.

We do have a Donation Campaign going on right now & any help is greatly appreciated. Just to be clear, these donations are not associated with my non-profits so they are not tax deductible. I have been told donations up to 300.00 are deductible but I have not verified this, when I do I’ll post the exact law that applies, until then let’s just assume it’s not.