Questions and Answers (about our paper and our mission)

I’ve gotten a good deal of emails with questions as to what our mission is and why we are here.

I started down this road by first writing a blog about an ongoing situation with the City of Everett because I was honestly afraid for my life and my children’s safety. Most of my fears have been realized, sadly.

Other folks who had been abused by these same people started contacting me, then others from the county then others from the state. I would’ve been content to just sit in my little bubble and fight my own battle but the stories were so compelling and heartbreaking that I couldn’t ignore them

I was asked if I “hated” the local paper, the Everett Herald. I absolutely do not, I simply take issue with the things that they report on and most importantly the things they do not. They know far more then I will ever know yet they chose to keep the info to themselves when they have a moral obligation to inform the public that they serve.

The good news is that they have recently started reporting more on the local news, about the bad things that happen every day that no one is ever told about which is why I don’t do those stories. I am not here to “compete” with them, I honestly don’t care very much about all of that. What I am trying to do is report on the things that mainstream media won’t and to bring you information that you can use when you are navigating around the courts, city and county govts, and so you can know what is really going on in our community. I do the stories no one else will or wants to.

This is not a big money making endeavor, I have to work to pay for the public records, web hosting and other costs associated with running this paper. We do have a donation campaign but most of the people who are helped or informed by this paper can scarcely afford to live indoors or eat so they can’t help much and I don’t expect them to, that is not the reason I am here. The common theme here is that SnoCo attacks poor people or destroys the middle class to the point that they destroy them, financially and emotionally.

My case was a “test run” for what has happened in the city of Everett. I was charged with failure to provide humane care for my animals because we had to live in a car for a couple of weeks. Most of my animals were old and had pre-existing health conditions, I wouldn’t abandon them for my own comfort unless I was dead. Some had up to 11 yrs worth of vet records, they all had the medications they needed, and they were healthy and happy otherwise.

Instead the city spent several million dollars to convict me for a 500.00 citation and dropped 6 charges against this woman to get a conviction against me.So now they have made it a crime to be homeless in the city of Everett and are getting away with it. They call it “Illegal Camping” They have to have some way to help SnoCo fill up that fancy new jail they are working on.

I am still working on the site above because the city had my original webpage about her shut down, but I submitted it to the “Wayback Machine” so it has been saved for all eternity. WordPress believes in Freedom of the Press and the 1st Amendment so I’ll stick with this forum and rebuild the site.

If you are blogging or have a dingleberry blogging about you submit the site to Wayback and it will preserve all edits.

We have also seen through public records that some county workers are using hacking software (when they’re not visiting “Barely 18” and other porn sites on county time) which I think is what happened to me a few times so it is always better to be cautious and back up any info you have.

There is also docstoc which you can post all documents on for free and they won’t take any of your dox down for any reason whatsoever.

I have some people who are helping me but most of them flaked on me… I guess the cream always rises to the top. I am not interested in listening to any one whine about their situation, if they aren’t willing to learn or stand up for themselves. In other words I will try to help you if you want to help yourself. I’m not an attorney and can’t give you legal advice but I can give you info about who and what you’re up against.

In the meantime please try to be patient with me, I am working about 18 hrs a day most of which I don’t get paid for and trying to keep up with this. If you have any further tips for me please remember not to email me from work or while using your works wi-fi.


Since I know that I won’t get any justice, nor will my animals the best I can do is fight for others and expose the garbage that is running our county. I can tell other’s stories and maybe help them so they don’t have to go through the same hell or heartache that I have had to endure. Maybe someday I can make a difference and if nothing else I can make some noise so that these folks can’t hide from their evil acts upon innocent citizens.

I know that people keep asking me who I endorse for County Executive or why I haven’t made a formal statement about it. I would hope that everyone understands that I am shellshocked, after Reardon and now Lovick I am not trusting of anyone is Snohomish County Elected Positions.

I think our best chance is with Dave Somers at the helm but until he gets rid of all the leftover Reardon and Lovick trash, and the courthouse scam I won’t believe anything til I see it. I have asked him about his positions and some of his goals and so far he falls right in line with what I believe will help restore our county. I am not here to take a political position anyway, I am here to uncover truths.

In the case of politics it is more of a what and see if they follow through. I would hope that he does much more to improve the relationship with the Tulalip Tribes as they can be an incredible asset when SnoCo is not bending them over and screwing them. I simply want proof of actions before I stand behind anyone for any reason.

I am running this paper by myself so sometimes things don’t get published as much as most folks would like, I am sorry about that and I know our daily jail and our daily thought are quite popular but for a time I couldn’t get to them and now I’m backed up.

I will catch up as soon as I can but as I said I have to work as well and I still have my animal rescue and ministries to work on.

Just to make things even more hectic I am getting new info every day about a lot of folks in power so I have to take time to add that, we have 120 stories printed and waiting to be published about the people in the cities, counties and state govt.

I am also trying to move about 400 stories from my blogs to the newspaper here so you can get all the stories in the same place.

In some cases I’m waiting for addtl documentation, or having to photoshop certain items to protect my sources, or even as simple as waiting for a response from those I am writing about so they can’t say they didn’t know a story was coming out and to give them a chance to comment.

They almost always ignore me though so some of those stories go ahead without comment. They don’t believe they are accountable to anyone, and for decades they have not been.