Truth in Reporting? Not So Much

People are strange…. politics and money make them stranger.
Most people expect that mainstream media should report straightforwardly and check out it’s sources before they report the news. I mean they are trained “Journalists” right?
I have reported a few things that I was incorrect about but I immediately fixed it, I didn’t just edit it and act like nothing happened because I feel that I owe my readers the truth, and I don’t feel I should have to hide my mistakes, if I’m wrong the best thing to do is admit it, and learn from it. I know that I will probably be wrong a few more times after this but I would never report an incorrect story maliciously just to injure another person.
The Herald did a story at 12:01a.m. about Ms Anne Block’s Federal Lawsuit where they clearly only told 1/2 the truth and in some cases clear untruths about her. I was absolutely totally floored. I still keep refreshing the screen to read it again to make sure I am seeing what I am seeing.
Scott North who has been CC’d into pretty much every single email Ms Block sent to the Washington State Bar, who also spends his day mocking Ms Block with Snohomish County Prosecutor Mark Roe, printed an absolute untruth about Ms Block in regards to her Washington State Bar Attorney License.

…The Pennington’s eventually brought a complaint against Block, who is an attorney. The Washington State Bar Association suspended her law license as part of an ongoing disciplinary investigation

He knows full well that she resigned from the Bar, and gave formal notice of such before all of this nonsense. He was CC’d in on that original email as well. The reason she stated was because of rampant corruption. She has stated this in over 50 emails too where the Herald staff and myself have been CC’d in, emails he responded to so he knew full well the statement he made above was absolutely untrue.
Furthermore they could’ve simply looked up Ms Block’s status on the WSBA website and clearly see there is no disciplinary action listed on her page.
Lawyer Profile 2015-07-27 07-09-42
They keep trying to assert that Ms Block is suspended for disciplinary actions, that is not the case. She resigned the Bar, or “disassociated” with them before any disciplinary action took place, the Bar then took disciplinary action against when she was no longer a member and on behalf of someone who was never her client.
I don’t understand all the legal jargon that explains it but Ms Block did do a story about it which explains it all.
They also “forgot” to mention the fact that the Pennington’s complaint was tossed out on it’s rear right along with Lori Batiot’s false claims. Why wouldn’t they tell their readers the whole truth?
Batiot Fail Pennington Fail
Then just to confuse the story even further they throw in the fact that they broke the story proving that Kevin Hulten was in fact harassing Ms Block along with several others.
The next odd thing is that this ruling happened 19 days ago, (July 8th 2015)  the Herald didn’t report on it when it was filed.
I can not venture to guess why but we do know that SnoCo, Mark Roe, the Pennington’s have been “forum shopping” trying to find a Judge to fall for their no contact order scheme. They almost succeeded but had the misfortune of ending up in front of Judges who have read the Constitution, and did understand the law.
Then just to show how petty things have gotten I got a call from a very nice person, a very big fish in our little pond. I was actually pretty star struck even though he was a bit upset with me. There might be an issue with some AP Content I get from ICopyright services so we may have to take down some of our stories or I’ll have to rewrite them and point to the actual story. We’ll make sure that whatever we are doing here, we will be doing it above board and with all correct licenses. If nothing else I will add an RSS feed to our newspaper here so that our readers can still get to the content from the Associated Press so please don’t worry about missing relevant news.
It is alarming to sit and contemplate just how desperate these folks are, the straws they are grabbing at is mind boggling. I said in a previous story that I was not here to compete with the local paper… little did I realize that there is no competition, I rose above them in just integrity in the first word I ever wrote online because I tell the truth and I don’t just print twisted stories to make money or as a favor to local govt or advertisers.
You don’t need a college degree to understand the truth, or to speak it. Such a shame since there are so many good college educated Journalists who really do make a difference and to bring the truth to the people.

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