OP/ED Predicate acts against the 1st Amendment by county workers

It is safe to assume that no one on our staff are friends with any of the corrupt elected leaders, or public employees.

It’s not our “job” to be their buddies, it is our job to reveal the truths about what is really going on with those same people. We are only beholden to our readers, not to them or any advertisers.

We recently uncovered an email where Mark Roe the Snohomish County Prosecutor got an invitation to the Herald’s open house, for some reason, Mark Roe pasted an email that a local activist had sent to him in regards to her civil rights being violated and for a public records request. At which point the reporter and Mr Roe went on to mock her. Because it is totally appropriate for a public county employee to share a citizen’s email with a local reporter to try to humiliate her.


This perfectly illustrates the true climate in the county and the way that our elected leaders view any citizen that dares to make them work for our tax dollars.

Maybe if I was better at schmoozing with the locals I might get a scoop or two but I don’t need to do that. I refuse to write what I know not to be true or sugar coat anything so as not to embarrass criminals.

You will notice that we have a twitter account for our newspaper and for our blog. I also have another account just in case John Pennington the Snohomish County Dept of Emergency Management leader tries to do to me what he did to a certain citizen .

Well he did… got all 3 shut down. I’m still waiting for the appeal process. I asked them to consider the fact that I have never been sued for anything I have written. That I provide documentation for everything I write, and that at no time ever has Mr Pennington publicly denied anything that a certain citizen has said about him or that I have written about him.

He did this in his “official” capacity as a county employee, very large huge mistake, and very stupid, even for Mr Pennington. He not only opened up the county for a lawsuit, he also gave me a couple of extra hours in the days to finally go through all of the files we have on him. I hit pay dirt, seriously.



in the words of St Augustine… I am going to set the truth free. Please be ready for some upcoming stories.


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