About the Two Young Men Shot in Olympia

Now that we are getting more bits and pieces of the info in regards to the shooting of two young men in Olympia I would hope that people would take the time to consider some of the facts.

While it is true that neither young man had a gun: I have seen what a skateboard can do to a head, my daughter got hit with one and she had to have many many stitches.

So we’ve got 2 kids cutting up and acting stupid, which should’ve resulted in a ride to the local jail overnight. Instead it went terribly wrong.

You have one cop on a back road thinking hey it’s just a couple of kids, I’ll round them up and throw them in the hoosegow for a while to cool their heels, then they attack him.

He is by himself, yes he has a gun, but he knows 2 things, if he shoots he is going to be open to attacks for shooting, and if he pulls that trigger he could end a young life.

Then the academy training kicks in, it is during a physical altercation that most suspects get an officer’s gun. #1 rule “Don’t let them get your gun” but he also has a stun gun and mace both of which can be used against him in a 2 against 1 fight.

This is the point where his own life, and his family flash before his eyes, maybe even something so mundane as what he ate for breakfast, or his desperate search to remember his last words to a loved one.

Even though he has a Badge and a Gun, he is still a human being, not superman, he has no x-ray eyes that can cut the skateboard in half or melt it midair. No spidey web to wrap them up til he can get them in the back of his car.

If you watch the video it appears that the young men are drunk, which gives most human super powers minus common sense. Most of us have gotten drunk and done something stupid, most of us have never gotten shot for it though. The good news is that these two young men are going to live to talk about it, they are going to have a tomorrow.

There is a lot of second guessing going on, most are saying he should’ve waited for back-up before approaching them.

That is a great point but what if he would’ve done that and those boys would’ve hurt someone else, or ended up getting run over or any number of stupid things? What then?

It is their job to assess the danger to the public and take protective measures, that is what we pay them for.

Those calling for the officers death are no better then what they are making him out to be as they say “Distrust those in whom the desire to punish is strong” Also the fact that all of the facts aren’t in. When I first heard it, it seemed to me that this may not have been a justifiable shooting but as more of the details come in I’m leaning way farther the other way.

As most of you know my son was shot 11 times with his hands up in the air, but he did lead several police agencies on a high speed chase, he ran, tried to hide and then tried to say he had a gun, he did not, it was a BB gun that was in his truck and we have a witness to that fact. He did everything wrong and put himself in absolute harms way, he didn’t deserve to die for it but he is still dead, the cop who shot him will have to live and die with that and there will be repercussions for him and those who lied for him but if I had to take this to any jury, they would (rightfully) say he was at fault for his own actions. Even after 10 months I still cry for him every day, sometimes I still cry myself to sleep for him and all of the other young ones I have lost over the past 18 months, but no amount of hatred, anger or tears will bring them back.

Still hate the police? Yes some are bad, I’m working on a huge story about those ones right now but I know too many good ones to ever have hatred for them as a whole.

Those claiming police are prejudiced are the same ones saying all cops are this that or the other… which makes them just as prejudice.

The officers who step over the line need to be punished but the good ones need our support. They leave their families every day to protect us and ours, and if all goes well they will be the ones who arrest those who are corrupt in our local government.

At the very least when you are in trouble, when you need them, they will come… but if you hate them so much, feel free to call all of your other friends who hate them too to help you out.