Afton Brown Another Life Lost

These are the stories that break my heart. With these types of stories I don’t write them as a breaking story, the TV news blares it loud and clear, you don’t need me to regurgitate it for you.

I read the headlines, “body found” “transient” “drug addict” “wanted for warrants”. Those words are meant to disassociate you with the fact that these are still human beings. To throw the focus off of law enforcement who are usually at fault for their actions or in-actions.

The other reason these stories are hard to write is because I know that law enforcement is involved and I love my cops from King County, Everett, and Seattle, or at least the memory of what they used to be 30 yrs ago. We all want to believe that the good guys are still around, and there are many good cops but it’s the trash that we hear about.

Sadly it is more trash we are talking about here. Afton Brown was beaten severely, to the point of broken bones two times by the Snohomish County Deputies. 2 weeks before her death she had filed a formal complaint about it and had spoke with an attorney about a lawsuit.

The other very important distinction I would like to make is this: The Sheriff’s office was supposedly searching for Brandon Perecz when Afton was found. They did not find her during the search, a citizen spotted her and reported that to authorities, search and rescue wasn’t even in that area.

She was painted as merely a “transient” in main stream news but she was a daughter, a sister, a mother and a friend to many. She was a human being who has worth to those who know her and love her.

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We are still trying to get the names of the deputies who brutalized her, and trying to figure out if a high speed chase that went silent off the radios had anything to do with it. Somewhere in that time frame there was also a truck found in the river with no plates and the VIN numbers removed.

Understandably I can’t get anyone to talk to me because they are also afraid for their lives and they have every right to be.

There are literally dozens of folks missing and dozens more dead. It is out of control.

I have tried to give all the evidence I have to a lot of agencies but have received no help except for one.

Even with my inside source I have a long road to tow, but I promise I won’t stop trying and fighting for these lost souls.