Brandon Perecz – Missing and Presumed Foul Play

Here is yet another story that makes no sense about the disappearance of Brandon Perecz.

If you listen to the police account, they were chasing Brandon “Bubba” Perecz and he “jumped into the river” to evade capture.

There are several things wrong with this story.

They claim the last time they saw him 3 feet from shore with his feet pointed downwards swimming away. He wouldn’t have to swim, merely stand up in that area.

If he was running from the police his head would’ve been pointed down stream as he used his arms to paddle away.

No one jumps into a river and goes down feet first except for a deceased individual depending on which way the currents are going.

They claim he jumped off his bike, took off his helmet and jumped into the river fully clothed (another reason why going with feet pointed down is ridiculous at best).

Yet there was an agent out there either the day of or the day after he disappeared who took a picture of a helmet in a field because he thought it very strange and random for it to just be out there.

In what I’ve managed to gather it was Bubba’s helmet. I won’t release the picture until I can be sure that the agent will be safe because he has nothing to do with even that area. (Editor’s note: The helmet we have a photo of may not have been Bubba’s – we are still trying to verify)

Yet when I talked to my source I was told that his bike and helmet were going to be released to his mother. So how did it get from the river where he supposedly jumped from, to a field, to the police station?

Then there is the most troubling question, if he had jumped into the river at that junction why hadn’t they launched a search and rescue for him?

My brother drowned in that same area in 1976 and it very well known for it’s undertow by all of the locals.

They claim that he used the river 3 times to avoid capture in the past, so that means they just left him to drown 3 times previously as well. I have requested copies of those incident reports which I haven’t received yet.

I will follow up to this story as soon as I receive the public records.

Again it is hard to do a complete and comprehensive story because most people are too terrified to talk to me which is completely understandable. They have every reason to be terrified.

The Sheriff’s office seems to be unraveling and they are desperate at this point.

They are even turning on each other as their lies and numerous suspicious deaths chips away at the glass houses of corruption they have built over the past 4 or 5 decades.

I am so sorry to tell his family but Bubba is gone but I am doing my best to make sure that the people who disposed of him will be held accountable.