OP/ED Dallas Police Officer Shooting

11 Officers gunned down in Dallas.

Even though this is a national story it is still a story that needs to be told.

All of these movements:

#bluelivesmatter #blacklivesmatter #alllivesmatter

They are simply hashtags, ideas, until we put them into action, they are merely just twitter words.

When I heard the news I hit the floor sobbing because I know that most riot detail is voluntary: In other words, the cops that signed up to do the riot patrol do so because they care about protecting each other and the citizens.

So today, there are at least 5 families that will never see their loved ones again.

A total of 279 Officers have been killed in our state, most in car accidents or dying of health issues on duty. Very few are actually killed maliciously by citizens. Every year we have memorials for them, name bridges and streets for them. Fly our flags at half mast for them.

Sadly it seems most of the cops dying are the good ones and are usually in the places they are because they cared.

1000’s of citizens have been killed by cops in this state, most don’t even make it to the newspaper or TV News. There are no memorials for them whether they were guilty or innocent of anything, they never got a chance at a fair trial before they were executed.

It makes me angry that the Dallas officers are dead, it makes me angry that so many citizens and dogs are dead at the hands of police. Most of all it makes me sad and breaks my heart.

We have so many corrupt Sheriff’s up here in Snohomish County, that I am surprised that something like that hasn’t happened up here.

I personally don’t want to see anyone of them shot, I do however want to see them all in prison. As it is right now they are all turning on each other and their associates, so soon we will see them all fall.

It seems that there is someone investigating the events of the past 40+ years and they are running scared and making plans to turn on their drug associates

They might believe “burning the evidence” will keep their secrets safe but those secrets do come back from their graves.

In the meantime if you’re a praying person, please say a prayer or raise some smoke for the families of all of the lives lost that mattered.