When Citizens Work Together – Government Works

As some may have already heard the petition to recall Mayor Guzak has been pulled.

Not for lack of merit, but because of the Mayor’s usual bullying tactics.

If she is given an audience she will proclaim how she has been falsely accused of everything: Even down to claiming it really her who is being bullied.

Guzak’s troubles are far from over, very far.

We have discovered a few illegal businesses she is involved with and quite a few land deals that are very questionable. We will be posting them as soon as we get the relevant documents.

The biggest problem that Guzak faces is that she took on citizens who will, do, and can fight back. If the rest of the citizens in Snohomish County showed as much gumption as the City’s citizens did we could wipe out 99% of the corruption in this county within one election cycle.

Mr Betten cited “harassment” as the reason he pulled his petition but that is only one layer of it.

A source inside of the county who has been keeping an eye on what is going on contacted me and said the Lyndsey Downes and Mayor Guzak had created a plan to not only try to get the petition denied, but to try to criminally charge Mr Betten with voter fraud.

It seems that Mr Betten changed his address to reflect that he lived in town, although he resides part time outside of town. It is my belief (this is not verified) that someone got to the owner of the house, who then refused to let Mr Betten use the address for mail.

Mr Betten (being an honest citizen) contacted Lyndsey Downs and told her about his dilemna and she (being a typical SnoCo cronie) tells him there is no problem.

My source tells me they are going after the other petition for the same reason but now they can’t create a crime where none existed.

Mr Betten has a facebook group called Snohomish Citizens for Responsible Government which was also threatened, hopefully they are simply idle threats.

There was talk of creating another group in case that were to happen but no one was doing it: So I created one as well. I am hoping to learn from both groups but I would suggest you also join his group and learn how people take back their Government from thieves and con artists running amuk these days.