Disappearing Prisoner – John Keinath

I have had several people come forward over the years with information about a man named John Charles Keinath who was just recently sentenced to 10 yrs in Federal Prison.

Seems most people are terrified of him, and as soon as he was sentenced most of them thought they were safe.

Maybe not totally news worthy but these folks wanted people to be aware of his behavior.

So I sat down and started doing some research and this is where it got interesting:

He was sentenced to 10 years in prison, but he is nowhere to be found. I checked everywhere after I was told that someone just seen him in Everett.

He is not someone you would mistake for someone else or a face you could easily forget

John Keinath 2016-07-21 00-02-38

He was being held at the Sea-Tac Federal Jail, but since his sentencing he has “disappeared” it clearly says he is “NOT IN BOP CUSTODY”

Inmate Locator 2016-07-21 00-36-48

I checked all of these jails and nothing

Federal Jail Register

Skagit Jail Register

Pierce Jail Register

King Jail Register

Spokane Jail Register

Snohomish Jail Register

So how does one get sentenced to 10 years in Federal Prison, yet is walking around free to terrorize people?

Another issue is that the Herald recently reported that he was sentenced a few days ago but it happened at the beginning of the month, and there is not a peep of a story on the Seattle FBI page where they post all charges and prosecutions. Nor is it on the Federal Prosecutor’s site.

This guy has racked up the news stories over the years though…

He’s been on high speed chases on stolen motorcycles

He threatened a nurse who laughed when he said he was going to name his poor child “John Gotti”

His criminal history also includes a drive-by shooting, an assault with a pipe, domestic violence just to name a few.

His latest bust for trafficking in stolen property, conspiracy to commit armed robbery, illegal possession of firearms and drug possession should’ve netted him 10 yrs in jail.

The Judge did order that he was to be sent to a prison outside of the state, but he would still be listed in the BOP site no matter what state he was in.

So I would warn the general public to be aware that he is out here somewhere.