Mark Roe’s Partner in Crime – SnoCo Sheriff Fontenot

I get letters, phone calls, and emails about a certain group of Police Officers throughout Snohomish County constantly. Most of them are already on the existing “Brady List”

Mark Roe is a liar. I stand by that statement based on every investigation I have ever done on him. Even if he is not lying, he is only telling the parts of the truth that are convenient to him or his own agenda.

Here is his “version” of why Fontenot was placed on the Brady List

PID Response 2 SnoHo.pdf - 4b16db8c633a42c1a27ebf99dd9733fc.pdf 2016-02-06 14-56-59

According to this news story from 2005 there were even more incidents Fontenot was involved in: The ones that actually led to his resignation including theft, false filing and sexual harassment.


Body found under Seattle roadway - The Spokesman-Review 2016-02-06 15-06-50

According to his LinkedIn Page 9 months later he went to the University of Washington Police. It should be noted that a very large number of fired cops or cops who have resigned to avoid charges end up at the UW Police Dept.


Dave Fontenot - LinkedIn 2016-02-06 15-02-48

Somehow he managed to be a UW Police Officer for almost 3 years if you believe his LinkedIn page

UW       7/2006 to 12/2009

Then on to the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office
SnoCo 1/2008 to   2/2016

Now he has been given numerous awards since joining Snohomish County. I am all for giving someone a second chance if they screwed up once on one thing.

This is not the case with this guy


So Mark Roe is lying for this guy… You have to ask yourself why.

You should also know that every Judge in Snohomish County has hidden or buried most of this record too and in any criminal case that Fontenot is testifying in: the Judges order his Brady Past sealed. So there really is no point in having a Brady list in Snohomish County.

I got a copy of the investigative deposition, this man should have never been given a gun or a badge again yet here he is, on our doorstep with many other Brady Cops that we are now investigating.

Here is the investigation and it is only about some of the things he did as a Clallam County Officer

Part 1

Part 2


Now there is a very good reason why I am telling you about this man’s lack of character.

As usual Mark Roe is up to something very bad with the help of Judge Downes. It’s coming up in the next story