Breaking News: Gold Bar Activist files suit against the City of Gold Bar

Okay so we know that the Appeals court struck down Ms Block’s original suit for public records. What I didn’t realize is that they actually set her free to refile suit, and to expand on that.
As of 10 minutes ago Ms Block has filed suit against the city and has also filed suit against the City of Duvall for their involvement in this monsterous mess.
Millions of dollars spent by the City of Gold Bar, and Snohomish County, with the Washington State Bar, Port of Seattle, US Customs, the Everett FBI Office, and the City of Duvall (just to name a few) all rallying together against one woman who has also spent 100’s of thousands of her own dollars just to gain access to public records, not private, not protected, public records under the law.
The beauty of it is that now Ms Block is more aware then ever of all of the people involved, and she is much wiser. Then add to that the fact that she has documentation about all of the folks and their involvement in this matter and we should see a victory for public records everywhere in this state.
That’s the problem with kicking a citizen down until they can’t take it anymore. Especially if you have been less then honest or have committed downright criminal acts against them.
Even a dog gets sick of getting kicked and will bite back eventually. In the case of Ms Block, she has never just “taken it”.
The local media has tried to beat her down and discredit her, county and city workers along with the WSBA have taken so many predicate acts against her that they crossed the lines of administrative duties over 7 yrs ago which puts every single one of their assets up for grabs.
I believe it was Joe Beavers and Chris Wright who coined the term “Boston Jew Bitch” to demoralize Ms Block: I wonder if they knew the extent and the scope of what a bitch she can be when it comes to defending Civil Rights and the Constitution.

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