Why are the Most Critical County Workers in SnoCo Living in Poverty?

These are the people you may never see (if you’re lucky) they are the Snohomish County Court Clerks.

They issue and recall warrants, and make sure that people who aren’t supposed to have guns don’t have them.

They are also faced with constantly changing court rules, and are responsible for public safety in many other ways.

If John Lovick wasn’t busy issuing concealed weapons permits to those not allowed to own them that would probably help make their jobs easier…

Or maybe if he wasn’t busy giving his friends jobs and giving them all pay raises illegally we might be able to pay them what the County Clerks are worth.

I found a pretty snarky email from Mr Ericks about the clerks salary which made me look further:

RE: Wishful Giving Campaign
Email from “ericks, mark”: Wishful Giving Campaign
Wishful Giving Campaign

“ericks, mark” via mark ericks
To  “lovick, john”

In fact, Bridget’s report says that they are ahead of the external comparables and only about 3-4% behind the internal comparables in the lower classification. Some of her employees are higher the internal comparables.  Food Stamps, Bankruptcies, income tax assistance – This is an exaggeration and is insulting.

Mark L. Ericks
Deputy County Executive
Snohomish County, WA
D: (425) 388-3695
C: (425) 238-4500

Notice: All emails and attachments sent to and from Snohomish County are public records and may be subject to disclosure pursuant to The Public Records Act RCW 42.56.

From: Lovick, John
Sent: Friday, October 25, 2013 9:42 AM
To: Ericks, Mark
Subject: FW: Wishful Giving Campaign


From: Kraski, Sonya
Sent: Thursday, October 24, 2013 8:22 AM
To: Lovick, John
Subject: Re: Wishful Giving Campaign

When would you like to do that? I’m in Seattle at training at the Federal courthouse.

Sonya Kraski
Snohomish County Clerk
3000 Rockefeller Ave, MS 605
Everett, WA 98201

From: Lovick, John
Sent: Wednesday, October 23, 2013 07:46 PM
To: Kraski, Sonya
Subject: Re: Wishful Giving Campaign
I would like to talk with you soon.
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On Oct 23, 2013, at 3:44 PM, “Kraski, Sonya” <Sonya.Kraski@snoco.org> wrote:

John –
Have you given any more thought to our discussion?  Not only have I had staff qualify for the income tax preparation by United Way, several of them have had to file bankruptcy over the past few years because what they earn is not a living wage for them, particularly for those who are single parents.  It makes me ashamed that we have employees that are so dedicated and we can’t do what’s right – I am very concerned that if nothing is done that staff will leave the Clerk’s Office because they can no longer sustain at their current pay levels.  This would be a liability for the county due to the critical nature of the functions my office performs.


Sonya Kraski
Snohomish County Clerk
3000 Rockefeller Avenue, MS 605
Everett, WA  98201
Fax 425-388-3806

NOTICE:  All emails, and attachments, sent to and from Snohomish County are public records and may be subject to disclosure pursuant to the Public Records Act (RCW 42.56)

I know from other emails that Mark Ericks is interfering with union negotiations and he is staunchly against anyone but his hires or friends getting any raises.

He is the only thing that is insulting in this county.

For those of you who think you are voting progressively by voting for a black man think again: If you notice Lovick has to forward everything to Ericks. Ericks even tells him when to come and go.

Re: Conversation
Email from “ericks, mark”: Conversation

“ericks, mark” via mark ericks
To  “lovick, john”
Do not come back here before 1400 hrs. Call and I’ll explain.
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On Oct 15, 2013, at 10:20, “Lovick, John” <John.Lovick@snoco.org> wrote:
I would like to have a brief conversation with you before I leave for Snohomish at 11:30 for the MAG meeting.

John Lovick
Snohomish County Executive | A county that cares
425-388-3797 | john.lovick@snoco.org

So a vote for Lovick is a vote for Ericks and more bullying, and mismanagement of our money.

I did records requests for both men and Lovick does all the fluff stuff, speeches appearances etc… He gets to write a few letters but mostly they are written for him. He’s pretty much like the Queen of England, just a figurehead. Actually she has far more power and respect then Lovick could ever garner.

The real person running everything from land use, wages, union contracts, building, code enforcement and just about all county business is done by Ericks. You have 3 former cops/legislators trying to gain a foothold into the county coffers to gain absolute supreme power over the citizens and the resources. Not good for anyone but them.

So I managed to get a hold of 2 documents from a couple of years ago, yes a couple of years ago. This has been an ongoing problem and Ericks is just kicking these people right in the throat.



Of course County Council Members Wright and Sullivan are siding with Ericks, they always do. I’m not sure if they are gaining something with this incestuous relationship or not but they never sway from Ericks rule, ever.

If you read the PDF’s you will see just how pathetically the Clerks are being paid. These people are responsible for so much of our public safety and they can’t even afford to file their own taxes, while the Exec and all of his buddies are buying vacation homes on county time!

Sonya Kraski is the Snohomish County Clerk, it is an elected position, so the voters had the confidence in her to do what is best for the county but she can not even help her own staff with this buffoon standing in her way at every opportunity.

I also don’t understand why the Judges who enjoy the major benefits of the hard work and experience of these people haven’t stepped up to do something for the Clerks but I will be looking into that as well.

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