Candidate John Lovick Accusations of Sex Crimes #MeToo

The #MeToo movement has become a force of nature and it seems everyone is getting caught up in it, even in SnoCo.

I’m not sure if anyone remembers but I say it often. When there seems to be a little too much vitriol in my articles about certain people it’s because I know a lot more than I can say here.

So Jeff Sax is running against John Lovick, and he released a bunch of papers detailing several CPS investigations as well as police investigations concerning John Lovick sexually abusing his daughter.

Of course Lovick is doing what Lovick does best – threatening Jeff Sax to take it down.

This has been common knowledge for decades but I could never get the documents so instead I relegated myself to writing what I could prove.

Then earlier this year I discovered the hard way at an innocent party’s expense that you can have all the documents in the world and still be wrong. That is a hard pill to swallow and there’s no way to undo the damage that I have done. Even worse it helped a person get into that position who is just like so many of the others that I fight.

Understanding that anyone can make a claim against anyone during divorces, or in high profile elections.

This one is especially hard to stomach because it has been common knowledge in the political, law enforcement and other govt circles for decades.

John Lovick has made a life and a career by bullying and intimidating people.

Now he is using his own children to shield him from his past, having them make public statements to protect him. He is also dragging his ex-wife through the mud to suit his purposes. This is politics and his children have no place in his campaign garbage.

Many of you remember the “hit piece” I did on Luis Moscoso, I was pretty arrogant about the fact that if he had nothing to hide that he would’ve spoken to me about my story to correct what was wrong. No, he refused to drag his ex and his children into the fray.

I believe he knew the truth would eventually come out and he didn’t feel that his political career was worth more than his family. Sadly he lost, and he is the exact person who should’ve won, no thanks to me.

Ive learned a lot since that time at his expense, but I’ve learned well.

The same exact Democratic Committee that let him go down in flames is now running and jumping to the defense of Lovick.

The reason? Simple, Lovick backs some of their biggest contributors and they already know he’ll vote for what they’ve paid for. Moscoso was going to fight charter schools and that is where the big money was coming from.

If you believe Palumbo: then he has no idea of any of the bills he sponsors or what they’re even about.

He also doesn’t even seem to know who he’s talking to but he has no problem talking all kinds of crap about me now.

But I digress, this is not a story about Palumbo, or Moscoso, it is purely about Good Ol Johnny Boy.

This is about sexual abuse by people in power, from the WSBA, to the Courts, to elected officials.

When the news broke I thought well finally people will know the truth, then it turned into a circus sideshow that Lovick drug his children into, actually naming them and having them come forward to make statements and write 6 page letters.

Their names had been redacted on Sax’s website and no other paper published the names until Lovick showboated them into the public.

The facts are he has been investigated 4 separate times. Not just a one time thing during a nasty divorce.

The fact that his children disparaged their mother so intensely lets me know something, as an abused child who was groomed as well. I know the tricks of the pedophile trade.

In an Allure Article:

Marlowe Garrison says the groomer will actively try to separate the victim, both physically and emotionally, from people who may be “watchful [or] helpful” to the victim. “After the physical relationship is established, there is more secrecy and even shame, threats, [or] force to control the relationship from there,” he says. Isolating the victim from their support networks makes it easier for the groomer to maintain control, a tactic that Michael says is common in any cult-like situation: “The more they can cut off other people [who] are close [with the victim], the more power they have over that person, because they’re not going to have as much outside influence.”

As a victim, and later as a foster parent I know more about the way kids and adults react to the emotional torture of grooming, sexual, emotional and physical abuse.

When we were taken away, which was quite often, I would cry for my step-father, not my mother.  Why? Well because children are very self absorbed little creatures and they believe that they did something to cause this behavior and that they can do something to change it and predators know this and capitalize on that very fact. Their understanding of the world is very limited and most times all they know is their family, and the abuse. It is their “normal”

Several people and papers are spewing the fact that this came out during a divorce. That is exactly when issues like this come out. The fact that folks believe that it is merely some angry woman orchestrating the whole thing is very dangerous to child victims.

It does happen that false complaints are made especially during divorce but it is not as common as people want you to think.

The problem with people in power is that they usually get the kids in the divorce, and they do everything they can to isolate and estrange the child from the other parent so they have free reign to their victims with no consequences. I had another step-dad that systematically did that with myself and all of my siblings. I got wise once he tried something on me, but my siblings are still suffering the consequences. One did not survive it.

I tell people that I feel very lucky that is was only my step-dad that sexually abused me and people look at me like I’ve let go of my last brain cell.

My bio father found me when we were 9 and then we moved and I didn’t see him until I was 14 yrs old again but from that point on we became attached at the hip, he’s been gone for 21 years and I still cry for him.

My step-dad was just some sadistic wacko my mother kidnapped me with. He was nothing to me, and after I found my father he was even less so.

I know people who been molested and raped by their biological parents and they seem to have it about a 100 times worse then I do

As I said these issues can come out in divorces, but another common time for the memories to come to the surface is during pregnancy, I know 2 people this happened to.

Sadly the hold that the abuser has on his victim doesn’t end when they leave home. The shame and brainwashing doesn’t magically end when you turn 18, it can actually be exacerbated when the victim is finally free from the abuse.

I am reading the victims responses and of course she doesn’t want anyone looking at her thinking that her own father did these awful things to her.

Of course his son is going to ring in because he is also a police officer and that doesn’t make him look very good to his own department.

Most victims don’t want anyone to know, especially when it’s a biological parent. I tell my story to help others, but most people don’t and they won’t.

I want my readers to think how you would feel if your father had done this to you, especially considering the power that he has.

John Lovick would like you to believe he was innocent, yet he lied even about being interviewed, the statute of limitations had passed in one case and in the following one the victim didn’t want to pursue charges. That is not a sign of innocence. Besides the 4 investigations there were other situations. John Lovick is far from innocent.

Now just in case Lovick manages to bully this Sax guy into taking down his site, I am going to post the documents here. With my own narrative.

This is the CPS referral, it clearly discusses prior allegations, and the victims fear of doing anything because Lovick was harassing them.

Here is the Notice of Investigation, referral to an outside agency and clerks statement, page 2 is missing.

Here is the actual police report where the victim says it’s in the past and she wants to put it behind her. As do most victims.

Last here is the letter from the mother, she seems resigned to the fact that her daughter is afraid and will not pursue any charges, most cops wives and kids know better.

These are not documents of an innocent man, these are a case study in how people in power manage to escape punishment through further abuse and bullying.

The most disgusting part of this is how many are flocking behind this man supporting him, almost all men. Birds of a feather flock together, remember that.

This article explains just a few of the reasons why victims won’t come forward (Click the hashtag to read the entire article)

#WhyIDidntReport – Most Children Don’t

The frequent use of the hashtag #WhyIDidntReport is evidence of the high numbers of survivors who do not come forward at the time of their abuse. Here are some key reasons why most victims/survivors of childhood sexual abuse never do:

1) They are children. They don’t know what “sex” is and don’t understand when someone they know, love and trust is harming them in a sexual way. They don’t have language for this behavior, especially if they have never been appropriately educated about the fact that this may happen to them. Their bodies and psyches experience a range of responses to sexual abuse: fear, terror, shame, a sense of worthlessness. Survivors have no place to put these feelings, so they internalize them—deeply. Children who are sexually abused and assaulted believe they must have done something wrong to deserve what has happened to them. Those who abuse them count on this psychological defense. They use it to their advantage.

2) Children also do not report because they are often highly concerned about what will happen to the person who is abusing them. Perpetrators of sexual abuse are often cherished or respected friends or family members who betray children’s trust and then abuse children’s trustworthiness. A perpetrator may say something like, “If you tell, I will get in trouble.” So to protect the abuser, the child will say nothing.

3) The person who is abusing a child may threaten them directly. The abuser may say, “I will kill you or your family if you tell.” Imagine a five-year-old child being told this by someone who is abusing them. Imagine a teenager interpreting this covert message by the act of abuse they are experiencing.

4) Often, the child does not understand that what they are experiencing is abuse. This is often due to the “grooming process” done to them over time, which involves the abuser gaining the child’s trust and slowly increasing the level of violations, testing whether or not a child will speak up to say, “no.” Other sexual abuse or assault may be more overtly violent. Yet, it is all incredibly harmful.

5) Children who are sexually abused in these ways often can’t say no and can’t say anything because they are so scared they literally cannot speak. Being violated sexually can be so terrifying that it activates a “freeze response.” Victims are so overwhelmed that they cannot speak or fight back. Accommodation is not consent. Children cannot give consent. Abusive behavior done to them is always the fault of the abuser.

6) Children who are sexually abused may not want to “rock the boat” or “cause trouble” if someone who is respected and revered by others is the one who is harming them. Let us be clear—it is almost always someone who fits this “respected” description who is doing the harming.

7) Who will children tell and will they be called liars? If a child is being sexually abused by a trusted older child, teenager or adult, especially if the person who is abusing them is in their own family or trusted institution, they may fear that no one will believe them. Guess what? Here is an incredibly important point to take in: they are usually right.

8) Individuals who sexually abuse children, adolescents and older adults are incredibly manipulative. Their typical response is to deny that they did anything wrong. Their very next move (a textbook one) is to blame the person who is speaking out about the abuse for being the one doing the “attacking.” This is an incredibly difficult psychological tactic for victims to face. But that is not all.

9) Society and one’s own family or institution in which the abuse is taking place may mirror that exact “victim blaming” mentality. So if a victim rallies their courage to speak up about what they have experienced, the response they will most likely be faced with is outright denial and attacking from their abuser. Sadly, they are very likely to experience that same type of denial and victim-blaming from others in the community who don’t want to deal directly with the truth. It is perhaps one of the most difficult realities for our culture to accept that people who may be otherwise deemed as “good” people can and do engage in behavior that is sexually abusive toward children and adolescents.

This is just a partial list of reasons why most child victims and adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse never report. Still, some do speak up. Yet, it is often far after the events originally occurred. Why do some survivors come forward so much later?

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