How To Get Away With Murder

First: I guess you move to Snohomish County.

That’s it

You can even run someone over twice and pepper spray the witnesses if you’d like.

A young man named Lars Kundu did just that to another young man named Chad Keeler.

Some of you may know the Kundu family.

Lars was involved in an accident that killed one of his friends where he received a 375,000.00 settlement from the county.

He was also involved in a domestic violence situation and it seems he is very adept at using the system to meet his needs.

Who his father is may be the reason why there haven’t even been charges filed yet.

It is unclear if he was even booked at the Snohomish County Jail, or if he was taken somewhere while bail was posted.

So who is his father, well he’s on the board of the Snohomish County Arts Commission, volunteers with Snohomish County Search and Rescue, and volunteers at Seawolf.

Most importantly his father is a direct supervisor at FEMA.

He is also the former Marysville School Board member who was forced out after a racist email circulated into the wrong hands. Although in his rebuttal Mr Kundu seems to have an aversion to out of state prejudice.

I wrote to the Snohomish County Prosecutor asking why he had not yet been charged “officially” and have recieved no response.

No charges are showing up on the Odyssey site or the Washington State Court website, although he seems to be in a ticket gathering marathon

If we get a response from the Snohomish County prosecutor’s office we will update.

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