Carolyn Eslick Still Showing No Remorse

Some of you will remember a post from February of 2016 about Debbrah Pesce. A homeless woman who was hit and killed by a drunk driver on December 26th 2012.

Not only was she hit by the truck but she was hit so hard that it threw her into 2 other cars. Things were finally looking up for this young woman, she had just gotten a place and was getting her life in order, that is until it was taken from her.

You may also be aware that she slid her way into our state legislature in the 39th District the same way she did into the Mayor’s position in Sultan by being “appointed”.

The reason you should be worried about her being in any position of power is this. She can be blackmailed by the other legislators, lobbyists, and powers that be, that also have the same proof as I have.

I heard about her being slid into the spot but I figured that I had already warned the voters about her, and I had already contacted the FBI so I figured it was going to be ignored as usual.

Oddly enough the other day I noticed the FBI on my site but it took me til this morning to figure out what they were looking at… It’s Carolyn Eslick, not eflick. Hopefully this means even though it took a year that they are finally getting around to doing something about this woman.

My hope is that will also look into the Officer’s involvement and into the collusion by Ty Trenary and John Lovick.

Some of you will remember this story about a woman run over and left like an animal in the street. Meanwhile the woman who hit her and threw her into 2 other oncoming cars ran from the scene of the accident and had a cop help her cover it up.

Then John Lovick and Ty Trenary then proceeded to cover it up even further… Until it came down to politics

Debbrah Marie Pesce, 53, was struck and killed in December 2012 while riding a bike near the intersection of Old Owen Road and U.S. 2. The driver was in what appeared to be a 1990s-era Ford F-series pickup. It was white with a horizontal green or blue stripe on the side.

Witnesses told police that a pickup had been stopped behind another vehicle along U.S. 2. and the truck apparently went around the stopped vehicle and hit Pesce before fleeing east toward Sultan. Investigators believe two other drivers also struck Pesce as they headed through the intersection. Those drivers stopped and remained at the scene.

“We have had no activity on the Pesce case since February of 2014,” said Debbie Willis, a Monroe Police Department spokeswoman. “Many hours were spent following leads on the suspect pickup that was believed to be involved in this collision and the officers were not able to find the vehicle.”

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Once Carolyn Eslick had the nerve to run against John Lovick then one of their campaigners “leaked” the story to us in hopes that we would crush Ms Eslick and throw her out of the race.

Ms Eslick and her husband Charles Donaldson did in fact own a truck matching the description of the vehicle that killed this woman.

None of these people were worried about the human being that was killed until it somehow affected them or could be used to their advantage,

She was an incredible human being, she had just found herself a home, started a small business cleaning, tutored kids, volunteered for her church and did whatever good she could in life…

She was no mayor or politician, she was a brave loving precious human being. One of her pinkies was worth more then a 100 Carolyn Eslick’s John Lovicks and Ty Trenary’s put together, yet she is still gone and they are busy running around campaigning and covering up crimes as it suits their needs.

The Monroe Monitor did some lovely stories about this woman and what she meant to her community.

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I don’t want anyone reading this to forget this woman and I don’t want you to forget that for 3 yrs and 3 months these jackals have slept peacefully, they have laughed, they have seen grandkids be born, kids off to college, they have collected their taxpayer funded paychecks, they have woken up every morning to a life full of possibilities and never given a second thought to this woman or her family.

Yes I have reported this to the State Patrol and to the FBI but they have done nothing so these folks walk around scott free with no consequences to their actions. This is Snohomish County, this is how things are done