Darrington School Board Still A Mess and Getting Worse

We brought you the story about the Darrington School Board Chairman being convicted for lewd conduct in Texas at the end of September of this year.

Mr Pickard said that it was a “LGBT Issue” it is not. It is an issue of not being honest with citizen voters.

To be clear, many of my decades long friends are in fact LGBT, and I am very proud to say that for years I was in an LGBT foster home. I myself, helped fight for marriage equality.

I printed the earlier story once I did not get a response from William Alan Pickard, but about 3 days later he emailed me telling me that his colleagues knew and they were okay with it. He also lied saying he was found not guilty, when he clearly made a plea agreement.

From: pickarda@dsd.k12.wa.us
To: snocoreporter@yahoo.com

These were arrest associated with decades of harassment from the law enforcement in Texas to the LGBT community.  I was found not guilty in regards to each of these.  It should also be noted that these incidents were when I was 28, 22, and 21. I am now 50 years old. My associates are aware

From: snocoreporter@yahoo.com
To: pickarda@dsd.k12.wa.us

I am working on a story and I am wondering why you were charged with Lewd Conduct and DUI’s down in Texas but feel that it is ok to work with and around children. I am also wondering if you disclosed your criminal past to the rest of the school board about these charges.

I guess while I was sick 1 other board member along with Mr Pickard have stepped down. Not the 2 positions that were up for re-election but seats that have a few years left to fill. Darrington seems to be a hot mess right now. Yet they voted to put one of the same people back in and literally had a 282/282 tie

Darrington School District 330 Director-At-Large Position 4
Greg Powell 237 41.51%
Erin Green 334 58.49%

Darrington School District 330 Director-At-Large Position 5
Dave Holmer 282 50.00%
Jennie Requa 282 50.00%

The Board is literally begging for people to fill these 2 positions
Mr Pickard Stepped down on October 24th yet he still led the meeting of the board and the entire board may have violated public meeting laws by “meeting at a coffee shop” to discuss school board business without notifying the public
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Then they met on November 1st , with only 3 board members left, and angry parents demanding answers. Which they didn’t get.
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Perhaps the most bizarre parts of this saga is that the school district can’t afford to pay the Superintendent that they can’t afford to lose because they are still paying the last superintendent Larry Johnson for some reason.

It is unknown if Mr Pickard is still with the North Counties Family Services.