Chief Catlett of Brier – Ignorance in Action

I’m sure most of you have heard of the firing of Officer Dan Anderson by interim chief Michael Catlett by now.

Anderson had the audacity to leave Brier to go assist in the Mukilteo shootings which took the lives of Anna Bui, 19,  Jordan Ebner,19 and Jacob Long, 18 a 4th victim 18 yr old William Kramer was also shot but survived.

Officer Anderson was a 25 yr veteran of the Washington State Patrol who was just into his probationary period as a new hire in the city of Brier.

The fact that he spent 25 yrs in the WSP, shows that he was committed to the job and his community. They have the lowest pay in the state yet he stayed for a quarter of a century

The Mayor has refused to make a comment, which is probably a good thing for him at this point.

Brier has long had problems with hiring drunks, woman beaters, and thieves; Which begs the question as to why when they finally get a good cop, they get rid of him. Why?

Most folks don’t realize that in order to be a WSP Officer you must have an extensive college education. Which means that Officer Anderson was probably far more educated than the entire Brier Police Dept.

He did what any good cop would’ve done and for that he was punished.

For those of you who listen to the SnoCo Scanner that remember when a 43 yr old Granite Falls man Hans Hansen went on a shooting rampage through several cities, I was listening to it when Marysville Sgt Jim Maples was shot, another Officer screamed for him once he realized he had been shot.

That recording gave me nightmares for months (listened to the 2:00 to 5:00 minutes of the recording)

Point is that the police should be sticking together, Anderson was on the scene faster then most agencies closer by and he rendered aid to the victims as well as fellow officers.

He should be receiving awards, not given walking papers.

I will be investigating further and will update you as I get any new info