Cocoon House Once Again Mocking Clients

We all remember the hell that Cocoon House put a young woman through years back.

Accusing a young girl who had been raped of lying, along with the Lynnwood Police Dept Detectives.

I was on Twitter and seen this

Cocoon House on Twitter- -Our CEO and 2 Board Members will be spending 25 hours on the streets on August, 29th! Click below for more details- 2016-08-11 14-25-40

Yes: 3 ADULTS are going to spend 25 HOURS on the streets in a “show of solidarity” so they can claim to know what it feels like to be a KID

Fundraise for Cocoon House 2016-08-11 14-27-29

As a former street kid I can tell you this is the most denigrating show of bullsh*t I’ve ever seen.

3 adults won’t have to worry about getting raped, or robbed.

They won’t have to worry about what they are going to eat or where they are going to sleep the next day.

They are not children who have run away from abuse most times that are so horrific that most people can’t even comprehend what they’ve gone through.

Those 3 adults will never have to worry about getting kidnapped by some pimp and sold to the highest bidder.

Or being traded to a dope dealer by some junkie.

They will never go through trying to get money to get drugs so they can bury their pain.

They will never know what it feels like to be totally utterly alone.

They will never spend hours in a shower trying to wash off the smell of a rapist – time and time again.

They will never experience the shame, the humiliation and the degradation that goes with being a kid on the street.

Spending 25 hrs on “the street” and equating that to a lifetime of misery these kids have had to deal with is typical of just how out of touch these people are with the real issues facing a child on the street