Child Molester’s and Rapists Only Have to “Check In” at the Jail

I have no idea what is going on or why but evidently if you rape or molest someone you will not be arrested, you merely show up, give them your ID, go through the booking process and then you are immediately released in a Everett or a Snohomish County Sheriff’s charge.

Even if you don’t just get ID/Booked/Released they let you out the next morning so either way  the offender is still free to re-offend…

No contact orders are not even issued, no stipulations for release, just a stay out of jail card courtesy of Mark Roe or the Judge depending on who you believe.

The Prosecutor generally has to ask for bail or no bail but this strange new system seems to completely bypass that hearing.

Joshua Larson was released with no bail and he went on to abuse 2 known victims, along with several other suspected victims. He was finally transported back over here around March 24th 2015 and the prosecutors office just now got a conviction against him a day or two ago.

They are so busy trying to clean up their past messes that they are letting abusers run amok with no oversight whatsoever.

After I did the last story about another sex offender I got a call from a whistleblower who explained the horrifying new “trend”

These are the rules set forth so that the jail can fulfill it’s new contract with other cities so they have enough room. In order to accomplish that end they are classifying them along the same lines as “mentally or physically ill” because sex offenders require more room and more guards for their safety.

These terms were agreed upon by the City of Everett and the former Snohomish County Executive’s office. We don’t really need to import more criminals from outside the county, I believe we have enough of our own.

I have written about a 2 day window so one has to wonder how long this “policy” has been in place, and how many victims there are because of this.

Every person who was raped or victimized as a result of this agreement is the responsibility of the city of Everett and the former Exec. I have sent a letter with my concerns to several state and federal agencies so let’s see if they do anything at all. I just hope someone doesn’t have to die or be further victimized, before they do anything.


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