Child Raped March 16th Unreported to Parents or by Media

We got this tip in the comments section (which is why being able to comment is so important)

RANT- Everett ID Book & Releases Another Person Charged with Child Rape - Snohomish County Reporter 2016-03-20 00-50-33

I have reported numerous child rapists who have been ID’d Booked and simply released on our community to prey on our children, now it seems that most of the violent acts against children are being hidden from the public.

Perhaps the most egregious thing is that the parents haven’t been notified at the very least. If this child was on his way to school that means he endured this violence for up to 6 hours


Perhaps we should ask our elected leaders why they are giving predators free passes to victimize our children to make some money from King County to house their criminals who are usually just folks who have suspended licenses.

I also think that maybe we should all start using our brains when voting. Most of these people live in the very exclusive area of North Everett so they have no idea what the rest of Everett is going through, nor do they care.It’s not happening to their kids or grand kids so it means nothing to them (until election time)

I have tried repeatedly over the years to contact any of them before and have never had any luck so here are their addresses (which are public record) in most cases you have to walk by their 3 car garages to get to their front door so I would strongly suggest you go nowhere near them but you can write them a letter and ask them why they are placing our children in danger


Ray Stephanson

1725 Rucker Ave. Everett WA 98201
(425) 339-9943 or (425) 257-7115 or,

Everett City Council

Scott Murphy (President)

Scott Murphy
720 Grand Ave. Everett WA 98201
(425) 259-5063,

Paul Roberts

Paul Roberts
812 Hoyt Ave. Everett WA 98201
(425) 339-2293,

Jeff Moore

Jeff Moore
10506 27th Dr. Everett WA 98208
(425) 355-4341,

Scott Bader

Scott Bader
3020 Leonard Dr. Everett, WA 98201
(425) 257-9436,

Brenda Stonecipher

Brenda Stonecipher
612 Maulsby Ln. Everett WA 98201
(206) 402-6572,

Judy Tuohy

Judy Touhy
724 41st PL Everett WA 98201,

Cassie Franklin

Cassie Franklin
4003 Nassau Place Everett Wa 98201,