Raves: Good Things From Bad Things

As some of you may know, I lost my mobile home in the fires in Eastern Wa last year, it wasn’t a total loss because a widower and his kids got my solar panels, generator, appliances and other items needed to make sure they had a warm safe winter.

He managed to get all of my personal items as well and save them for me. I thought I was going to have to pay for someone to come haul it off but in an ironic twist of “luck” it burned clean through so there was nothing left but metal so I ended up getting a few bucks for the scrap.

Last week I got a 1000 yr lease in the mail for a 1/4 acre of property with an access road, septic, power lines and a well! It’s 1 dollar a year and some mystery person already paid the first 100 yrs for me. Not even in the same county but closer to Western Washington

I’ve been hanging around the Western side of the state because the Federal Courts ordered Duvall, King County, SnoCo and a few other to respond to my motion to intervene in the Block case because of what they did to this newspaper, my twitter, and to me personally but they were supposed to have responded by Thursday night at 11:59pm so I spent the weekend at my office to see if it would show but nothing has shown up. I’m going to try to get a Pacer account set up so I will be able to post anything I get for me soon.

So I’m off to the other side of the state to go supervise (and claim I’m helping) while they finish my foundation, garden beds, fencing, and get my septic tank in, there’s already a barn, a root cellar, and a greenhouse so once we get the foundation laid and the lines set all we have to do is haul a mobile over there until we can get enough salvage to build a cabin. In the meantime they already have a trailer set up for a temp place for me.

I’ll be back at least once a month and I just found out that my phone/internet work beautifully up there so I’ll still be available via phone or email. If you have something to send to me just send it to my office and I’ll pick it up then. I don’t even have an address yet and as far as I know, most folks don’t get mail delivery out there anyway.

Oh and for the County and the County’s Cities: Don’t get too happy, I don’t plan on moving over there and leaving anyone alone here. I will retire over there once I’ve cleaned this place up and not until then. I’ll be renting a place up here again very soon once I’ve filed a few Federal Motions of my own.

So there you have it, I thought I had lost everything but got some comfort from the fact that at least a good portion of it went to an awesome family and next thing you know. I’ve got a home, a barn, a root cellar, garden beds, access to a chicken coop, access to fresh cows milk, and I’ll be closer to all my crazy Natives. I’ve also heard rumors I have my own personal herd of Deer and Elk that live near my pond.