Misconduct at the Juvenile Courts Could Jeopardize Adoptions in SnoCo

If the debacle of the the visitation service person Stephen (Steve) Canter being arrested in a Washington State Patrol sting for attempting to have sex with children wasn’t bad enough…

Seems a King 5 Investigation turned up the fact that a Snohomish County Guardian Ad Litem had lied to get on a listserv where lawyers discussed their cases so they could defeat them. The case involves Cynthia Bemis, a Snohomish County volunteer guardian ad litem (VGAL), her supervisors, and the Snohomish County juvenile court administration that oversees the VGAL program.

Public defender Adam Ballout, is the one who discovered the breach into the Listserv and Judge Farris is the one who held them accountable, Judge Krese is still making excuses for their lies and trying to minimize the damage. Ms Bemis can’t seem to stop herself from lying but the good news is she is just digging away at that hole she has herself and should bury herself and the people involved very soon.

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As noted in the article this could impact cases heard since 2011, it could impact the adoption of children in foster care and impact the termination of parental rights for hundreds of families who have lost their children.

I wonder how many people wrongfully lost their children because of that scam of a system. You can take folks cars or money or homes but when you start stealing their kids and animals then you cross a line you can’t get back over….