Cheryl De Boer Mountlake Terrace Woman Found Deceased

First off: Please get off the “self inflicted” wounds on Ms Deboer’s fingers, she clearly had a razor blade in her pocket, for whatever reason. Maybe she was trying scrape paint of something, or shave furballs off of her shirt, or cut strings that were hanging off of her clothing.

She may have had a 1000 reason’s to have one, she may have forgotten it was in her pocket and reached in and cut her fingers which is more plausible then her sitting in a car trying to kill herself by putting 2 tiny cuts on her fingers, then walking a mile away, placing a flimsy bag around her neck and laying down in a creek waiting to drown.

Please go back and reread the last paragraph: If you were sitting on a jury and I told you that story you’d probably find me mentally ill or delusional and give me a nice vacation in a padded little room with bland foods and evil drugs.

I have talked to people who knew her and she was nothing close to suicidal, I literally went through 60 questions with friends and she did not fit the profile of a suicidal individual in any way shape or form. She wasn’t giving away items, she was planning for future events and there was no note.

This is a woman who dearly loved her family and even if the police try to claim that she did that that way so “her family wouldn’t find her that way” she would’ve left them a note because she would be aware of the pain this would cause

Please also keep in mind we have another death right over the hill from there that no one seems to be asking any questions about Ms Amy Kennelly. That is another story that makes no sense, some folks supposedly seen her hit a house, and walk off: I’m sure we’d all just watch our friend hit something and just watch them walk away and we’d all just go on our merry way… makes perfect sense (on another planet or dimension)

Even the coroner can’t seem to figure out the “Manner of death