What Are We Going to do When Boeing Moves More Operations to South Carolina

The writing is on the walls, it has been for over a decade. The unions have pushed a good deal of the operations out of our state already.

Boeing pays 10.00 less pr hour in South Carolina, they have far more in incentives then we have provided and if you take a ride down around the Boeing Airfield and down in Mukilteo you will notice a lot of vacant buildings which once held a good deal of the Boeing subcontractors – they are moving east, where they will also be required to pay less in wages.

When it comes to Boeing we have become much like the bitter ex who doesn’t understand why our demands for more finally get to be too much and our spouse leaves us for someone who will give them want they want.

Most of the Boeing workers also live far beyond their means and are in an enormous amount of debt and if you feed into the union nonsense we are blaming Boeing for our inability to live within our means.

When I ran the Hotel in Lynnwood, we had 2 drug addicts, 2 families and the rest were all ex-boeing workers who just months before had homes worth 4 to 5 hundred thousand dollars, credit cards galore, expensive leased vehicles who could barely make the 275.00 a week for rent.

The union even chased Boeing down in SC and tried to sue them, which didn’t go well for them. They also went after the Governor, again a loss. In South Carolina it is a right to work state so that people don’t have to join any union. Which hurts the Washington unions.

I’m warning you all now: Refinance your homes, pay down your debts and quit buying everything on credit.

I am no fan of big corporations but Boeing has a right to make money. They could’ve moved all of their operations out of the country and outsourced all of their parts from other countries but they simply chose another state that was willing to work with them where they weren’t being strong armed by a bunch of Union thugs.

Maybe it’s time to make Washington a “Right to Work” state…