Council member Klein Tried To Protect Us

Unfortunately the disheartening news (as reported in the Herald) is that the 2 usual sellouts voted for Dunshee and in a sad turn of events Terry Ryan sold out the voters of Snohomish County to further his own interests.

The interesting thing is that these 3 democrats completely disregarded the Democratic Party and voted for Dunshee when they had already endorsed Palumbo and the lone Republican did the right thing.

I understand why Sullivan would do it but why would Wright go against her husband, her party and a friend for Dunshee? (time to look into that “relationship very closely, maybe the rumors are true)

So it’s back to the usual Lovick, Reardon Ericks politics in Snohomish County but don’t you worry…

We’ll be watching every moment of every day until we can take out the trash on the next election cycle.

I’ve already gotten confirmation that a number of people are going to be contributing the maximum amount to Guy Palumbo’s campaign.