Dog “Shaming Barista – Busy Bean Espresso Shoving Feces in Her Dogs Mouth

UPDATE: The city of Everett has finally pressed charges in this case

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So there is a couple of pictures and comments going viral right now.

Not surprisingly it has to do with animal abuse and the city of Everett…

This woman thinks it’s okay to tie a urine soaked potty pad to her dogs head



Even more horrific is that once someone challenges her: just to show her “superiority” she then go on to explain how she deals with feces….




Sadly enough this woman appears to have 2 dogs. (who she claims are wolves but are husky malamute mixes)


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Now this is a woman who has a coffee shop on Everett Naval Base and several other stores…


Busy Bean Espresso 2016-03-01 13-52-27 BUSY BEAN ESPRESSO LLC Credit report 2016-03-01 15-02-52


So the next time you want a coffee in Everett or Arlington avoid these coffee spots:

Or stop in and let her know how you feel about tying dirty pee pads to an animals head or about shoving poop in their mouths and taping it shut and maybe why your at it ask the City of Everett Animal Control why they aren’t doing anything about this ( I know but I want you to figure it out…)

Kind of makes me miss the Bikini Baristas…