City of Everett to Prosecute “Dog Shaming” Barista

Q13 reports that the city of Everett has finally decided to press charges against Lisa Parker for animal cruelty

“After reviewing the animal control officer’s report and interviewing witnesses, the City Prosecutor’s Office has decided to file charges of animal cruelty in this case. This is a misdemeanor crime with a maximum penalty of 90 days in jail and/or $1,000 fine. The defendant will be summoned for a first appearance at the Everett Municipal Court in two weeks,” the shelter said.

Since we have a new shelter manager who isn’t a screaming sadist we can be secure in the fact that the well being of the animal will come first and that Ms Frederiksen will do her best to educate the owner on appropriate animal care and training.

If she believes that removing the dogs is in their best interest then they would be placed at the Everett Animal Shelter and then assessed for behavioral issues, if they pass then they should become available for adoption as soon as they are signed over.

If they are damaged too badly they may be immediately euthanized. It is a sad but true reality for those of us in sheltering and rescue. We’d like to save them all but we also have to weigh the public safety and understand that we are liable legally and morally responsible for any animal that we place into the public.

The interesting thing is that Ms Parker filed for a protection order 2 weeks after her posting

Washington Courts - Search Case Records 2016-04-12 11-07-22

That is possibly the most disturbing thing of all, Ms Parker realizes that it is wrong for someone to hurt her but she does this to a helpless animal, presumably while she is also being abused and that makes her even more dangerous to her animals.

If she is taking out what is being done to her on them and she ends up in another violent relationship then they will soon be subject to even more abuse.

Typically in violent relationships the children and animals are also abused as well.

It is estimated that 80% of animals that are murdered are done in abusive relationships.

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