Understanding the Decades Old Cronyism in SnoCo

I know I have been promising to share with you all of the info I have about G.Geoffrey Gibbs, Appeals Court Judge Marlin Appelwick and other assorted past and present politicians, lawyers and judges.

Sadly there is so much info that I am going to include it at the bottom of the story. Keep in mind these are not in order and they only cover 2 years.

I first told you that Mr Gibbs was a disgraced lobbyist and one of the prime reason lobbying laws were changed.

He was dinged by the Public Disclosure Commission, sued by his former clients who still don’t know what happened to more then 300K dollars, and convicted by the attorney general yet he refused to pay his fines and eventually the AG had to attach his bank accounts to get their money.

So what happens to a guy like this?

Well in SnoCo, he lies on his oath to become an arbitrator and is appointed a commissioner, and is given the most lucrative contracts in the county, oh and he becomes one of the Board of Governors of the Washington State Bar Association, he is still their treasurer.

It even appears they paid for someone’s shoplifting on 8/11/88 May 88 to September 88)

The people I’ve bolded (below) are important to this story and should give you an idea how long these folks have been scratching eachothers backs. Please keep in mind that even though some of these folks and many others are not listed here, they may not have been down to Jubitz Truck Stop, Hawaii, Austin, Fishing Camping, Alaska, on plane trips or boat trips there were many other ways to be bought and sold in Washington Politics and many of these people’s campaigns were paid in part through the firms Mr Gibbs represented. That is another couple 100 documents

Basically Gibbs and his law firm own,

Senator Bill Smitherman, Senator Vognild (SnoCo), Senator Ray Moore, Senator Wilson, Senator Joe King, Senator Rick Bender, Senator Bowman, Senator Pat McMullen, Senator Mark Gaspard, Senator Saling, Senator Metcalf, Senator Nelson, Senator Hankins, Senator Stratton, Senator Zimmerman, Senator Fleming, Senator McDonald, Senator Hayner, Senator Fleming, Senator Matson, Senator Maria Cantwell, Representative Marlin Appelwick, Representative John Lovick (SnoCo), Representative Mark Ericks (SnoCo), Representative Aaron Reardon (SnoCo), Representative John Pennington (SnoCo), Representative Williams, Representative William A Grant, Representative Daniel Grimm, Representative PJ Gallagher, Representative Anderson, Representative Butterfield, Representative Hawkins, Representative Paul Zellinsky, Representative Clyde Ballard, Representative Roy Ferguson, Representative Jean Marie Brough, Representative Gary Locke, Representative Dan Newhouse, Representative Ken Madsen, Representative Smith, Representative Art Sprenkle (snoCo), Representative Katherine Allen (SnoCo), Representative Bruce Holland, Representative Eugene Prince, Representative John Miller, Representative Jean Silver, Representative Michael Heavey, Congressman Jim McDermott, Lt Governor Brad Owens, Lt Gov Cherberg, Sablehouse, Bluechell, Christopherson, Preston, Conrad, E R Rogers, Ron Wagner, Keith Wilson, Bauer, Fiske, McCaslin, McKee, Schend, Barton, Warnke, Shenn, Holl, Sutherland, Corbett, Bottiger, Bender, Marquardt, Don Young, Heather Flynn, Rocky Guitterez, John Mitchell, Lewis, Gillam, Jim West, Tanner, Bristow,

Trust me there is far more to this story but I’m breaking it off in bite sized pieces: We literally had 1000’s of pages and there is more.


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