The Cancer of Corruption in our Judiciary G.Geoffrey Gibbs and Associates

From Everett & Edmonds Municipal Courts, to the Snohomish County District and Superior Courts all the way up to our Appellate and Supreme Courts, there is a cancer that runs so deep that there is no clear way to resolve it unless we get rid of the entire Judiciary and start all over.

These criminals thieves and miscreants have worked for decades to create a realm of absolute power and control. As always at the helm is the Washington State Bar Association.

The only way to fix what is wrong is to get rid of the Bar, (along with the Judiciary) and stop electing Judges, and create a state agency that regulates attorneys, prosecutors, and judges that is accountable to a Citizen’s Committee and rip it out of the protection of our corrupt Supreme Court.

Snohomish County seems to be the hub of everything that is wrong. To understand what I mean, let’s go through the list…

Snohomish County Superior Court Judges

Judge Richard Okrent This man is behind pretty much every questionable ruling coming out of Snohomish County and no matter how badly a city violates court rules he always rules in favor of the county or it’s cities, unless of course it has to do with his friends, then they always win. My experience with him taught me well just how corrupt this man is. In order to try to make me lose my appeal, he didn’t issue any opinion until almost 6 months after my hearing. There are many other thing but one of the most interesting is his wife: Seems he picked up with another attorney’s wife, and he along with the new wife got him “helped” him get disbarred courtesy of the same actors at the WSBA that are always behind any attack on any lawyer who challenges the status quo. We have much more info on him but have agreed to hold it for the person who provided it for their own safety, but it is written, and ready to be published.

Judge Eric Lucas Lucas wrote a book on ethics… he may need to go back and read it again. He along with Downes and Okrent seal any court record of any elected official or anyone of their buddies in violation of the law. One such case is John Pennington’s divorce records which show his mental health instability, anger management issues and other proof of what we have written here. (Remember we have copies all the records, plus Pennington used some of them to try to get a restraining order in SnoCo when he lives in King Co against his ex-mother in law because he took out several credit cards in her name, maxed them out and managed to escape prosecution for that.) Again we have much more info but won’t release for our source’s safety.

Judge Michael Downes He is currently the presiding Judge. He and another elected official have taken turns at 1 woman and protected her at all costs, problem is that he left a big trail. I will do a series of stories about all of this very soon. I have to edit some of the photos and wait til I get the green light from that source but I think the citizens will be just as disgusted as I am. There is much more but that will be covered in the series.

G.Geoffrey Gibbs Commissioner, Pro-Tem, Mediator, Arbitrator, also WSBA Governor, Treasurer, chair of lawyer discipline, budget and audit committee, chair of investment and civil rights section also Snohomish County Bar Association, President, Trustee, chair of lawyer conduct, also suspended criminal lobbyist, who refused to pay his PDC fines to the point that the Washington State Attorney General had to seize his bank accounts, that was also sued for misusing almost 300K from his clients.

Did I mention that he tried to blame it on the firm he worked for at the time and that he lied on his Pro-Tem, Commissioner, Arbitrator, Mediator Oaths? Look at page 3 of this PDF to see how many times he lied. Then go to page 6 to see the spin he put on it.

So this is an oath he takes when he is appointed to any position in SnoCo: So what do you call it when you lie under oath? Yes: Perjury.

Here are just a few of the articles about all of the laws and rules he violated, and even after the Attorney General fined him, he refused to pay his fines and tried to hide his assets.

State Sues Goeffrey Gibbs Over Lobbying Expenses

Former Lobbyist Wants Out Of Lawsuit

Disclosure Panel To Let Courts Rule On Gibbs Case — Decision Pleases Olympia Lobbyist

Probe Brings Calls To Limit Gifts, Trips For Lawmakers

Senate Oks Bill To Give Pdc Clout To Collect Unpaid Fines

The very same Judge who denied Ms Block’s records request against Gold Bar and the one who rules against most people in Snohomish County.
Just for your own edification you might want to take a look at how many wins SnoCo and the firm of Anderson Hunter Attorney’s get in front of Appelwick, or Judge Dwyer (former SnoCo Judge) and in front of Judge Robert Leach ( a former attorney for Anderson Hunter, who’s wife Vicki Norris still works for them) also out of Snohomish County.
We also have to give a mention to Judge Becker who was also associated with Gibbs in his Lobbyist days… Actually there are a few more that were associated with him and eachother “way back when”. These are relationships these folks have built over 3 or more decades. Because of the very incestuous relationship between them all no case originating in SnoCo or from certain law firms or former legislators should ever come before the 1st Division of the Appeals Court, period
I hope no one reading this honestly believes that the WSBA or the SnoCo Bar, or even the other Judges honestly doesn’t believe that they didn’t know about his criminal conduct, as a good deal of them were on the receiving end of those gifts. They are all just as dirty as he is. I did write them to ask why he was in charge of anything to do with the Bar and why he hadn’t been sanctioned or disbarred but of course they don’t think they have to answer to anyone. “Birds of a Feather Flock Together”
Don’t worry there is far more to come, I just have to break it up into bite sized pieces or else I would be forced to write a book and every day it seems I get more information so that would be an exercise in absolute futility the twists and turns seem to never end with these people.



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