How The Drugs Get Here: What You're Not Supposed to Know

So I do all the work and hand it to the “Dept of Jee Jorge” and they do what they always do: Nothing
Just in case there is a law enforcement agency who might actually get off their hind end who might read this one day: Here ya go…
From a few small border towns in Mexico, there is some kind of a meeting place central to where most of the drugs bound for Canada and the US are shipped to or originate from
Specially built horse trailers are hollowed out, drugs inserted, and depending on the drug also wrapped in very finely and freshly ground coffee (evidently it throws off the scent for the drug dogs) and just for good measure the floors of the trailer are shoveled full of horse manure to further hide the scent. For good measure a trained drug dog is set on the trailer to see if they can signal out the drugs.
It is unknown if there are any actual horses in there at the time when they bring the trailers up but they are in there when they are brought down. It seems they would have to have some creature in there to explain the poop. It was also reported that the trailers are in fact made in Mexico special order for just this purpose
The amount of trouble they go to makes me think that even though they chose a tiny border town that they don’t have the border patrol in their pockets or these measures would seem unnecessary.
From that point there is a shithole town close the border in California (I believe they said it was Boulevard Ca.) where transfers are made and the drugs are moved to various parts of the country, I only know about the route up to Canada that deals with the Northwest I was not given information about anywhere else and I didn’t ask.
I am not sure if more livestock is acquired in that town or picked up along the way. From there on out it is an assortment of mules, petty criminals, and uniformed personnel who then drive these trailers up the I-5 Corridor to Snohomish County. Several stops are utilized along the way where drug dogs are employed to check the integrity of the seals on the packaging

It is very very important to take note of the fact that I am describing only one mode of drug smuggling, there are many other ways but my informant only knew firsthand about this specific route/mode

There are other stops along the way where they veer east but the person wouldn’t give me those routes, all I got was a couple in California and 1 in Oregon. They did say that Tulare County was the main distribution coordination spot for the entire U.S. but Tulare is not on the I-5 Corridor it runs up the 99 so it’s possible that that may be part of the route as well.
Once they get to Snohomish County there are stops, pick-ups and drop offs in areas along Highway 2 all the way out from Stanwood to Index where drugs are either picked up dropped and sometimes even traded.
I know of one pickup/dropoff place in Stanwood but as far as I know that guy was just busted and Stanwood seems kind of “out of the way” but the route 9 may explain why, I’m still not sure.
The route then goes across Highway 2 or Highway 9 over to Highway 2 and either heads north up Highway 97 to Osoyoos Canada or up Highway 395 to Christina Lake, Canada
RONA ABS Holdings Ltd (Christina Lake) to Ejido México, B.C., Mexico - Google Maps 2015-12-08 21-07-46
I can not speak as to what happens along the way but I am told that when drugs are traded, loaded or off loaded there are always some type of uniformed personnel there with drug dogs to check the integrity of the seals on the packaging.
I also do not understand why if their “methods” are so good why they don’t just go straight up to the Vancouver B.C. border. Perhaps they do and the person I spoke with only deals with the SnoCo/Highway 2 route?
I have had animals transported to Canada and they scrutinize every single piece of paper that you have for the animal and most times they want to thoroughly inspect them as well. It may be that they won’t allow the mounds of crap through there which would blow their cover, I just don’t know.
Snohomish County is the hub for all of the drugs that come in to Washington State, where most of the pick ups and drops off are made and where most of the distributions are coordinated. They also mentioned Auburn but we got sidetracked and I never thought to go back and ask for more details
My informant was very well versed in the English language even down to the slang, when I asked them how that came to be, they said the American Federalis all live down there and run most of the operations. That being said the kid seemed to call anyone in a uniform a Federali so I am not sure exactly what they meant
They claim that the “Cartels” provide mostly just fire power and are paid very handsomely for doing so and afforded many protections and luxuries that are unheard of, but that they are not in control of much else.
They also seem to think they dug El Chapo out to protect him because some of the folks involved in the American trade have plotted to kill him. Americans are told that Guzman is a bad bad man, but most Mexican’s who now have running water, real homes, access to education and healthcare don’t share those views.
Standard media would have you believe that all Mexicans are making a mad dash to the border but some Mexicans really just want a better way of life in Mexico. Probably because it is so corrupt up here and they know it first hand, besides that most of Mexico is beautiful beyond measure, they’d have to be nuts to leave if they could carve out some kind of a living.
There are many states in Mexico where life is very hard and there is no “order” where violence is the only law, those are the people we see up here for the most part.
Oh but Snohomish County is not the only one involved, there are many King County Judges and Officers of some kind knee deep in the crap, but it is done in “pockets” so one group is responsible for one thing, another group for something else and they are supposed to be kept separate so there is less chance of one person being able to bring down the whole operation.
I was also told to print that the police agencies involved also use tracking technology on the mules, and anyone involved, so they know when they are talking to each other, or getting ready to leave the life, or going to turn states evidence. They also know where they are every moment of every day.
In the same way that Snohomish County hires multiple pedophiles and rapists in certain positions to make sure those folks do what they are told. (As I have always said) They use people with petty criminal backgrounds to sell, and distribute the drugs under threat of death or incarceration, evidently there are also many siblings involved which creates even more loyalty so the other sibling doesn’t “disappear”.
The other weird thing is that the person told me that most of the people involved higher up live mostly in King County.
Perhaps the most chilling part of the interview was this: The kid said that it proved how little I know about how many people have been killed up there… They said the dozens I am always talking about, to multiply that by 7 times and I might get closer to the amount of bodies up there, might. They also said they wouldn’t want to be around all of this rain when some of those bodies are going to come up from the mud and rivers.
They were also shocked that I had figured out the Port Angeles connection (but that came from another source)
I got a lot of other info but it would put a lot of innocent people in danger and since this also involves the dept of corrections and the Feds there is no where for them to go be safe.I also have a lot of research to do on some of the other info too and will post it as soon as I figure it out. I obviously can’t post the names I did get until I know the kid is safe and out of harms way where they will be protected.
That is not to say that all of these agencies are corrupt but a few very well placed people have absolute control over what is happening. I have sent copies of the interview to a few groups that can protect it overseas, and my notes are all encrypted so all of it is safe here and abroad.
The DOJ, FBI, DEA, and DHS is very well aware and some are involved in what is going on as evidenced by this story from 7 years ago but they have let it go on, under their protection for years thereby being the accomplice to the murders of dozens and dozens of our own citizens in this county alone.

The Reach of Mexico's Drug Cartels - Interactive Graphic - 2015-12-14 12-17-59(Click on the map to go to the story to interact with the map)

I am also told that the Everett Field Office will never act on this because evidently he has a relative involved in this as well. I am researching that as well. The informant did not know if he was involved in it himself but anyone who stands aside and lets these things happen is just as guilty as the perpetrators. It also explains a lot in my case and so many others

So for any of you that have lost property, or been harmed by the drug trade in some way. For those of you that have lost loved ones to this scourge, or in any been touched by addiction and drugs. Thank the Regional Drug Task Force, DOJ, FBI and your local Judges.

It is time to vote smarter because most of the people I am writing about are elected officials. I was given much more info about elected leaders but I’m still doing research and waiting for my source to send me a sign that they are safe. When these folks run again for office I will be there, and every one will know all about what they are doing. I am so grateful for my regular readers, it is you who gets the word out, and keeps the topics going. It is also you that voted smarter and made my life a whole lot easier


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