Pennington, Andrews, and White Gone But More Need to Go

Go over to the Herald and read Noah’s story: (It’s okay, Noah wrote it so it’s not full of snotty wonk comments and name calling)

County executive-elect Somers getting his team ready for office

The executive-elect has informed three county department leaders they won’t be staying on next year. They are: planning director Clay White, emergency management director John Pennington and information services director Gage Andrews.

We reported that Clay White was let go and were told Pennington and Andrews were slated for the chopping block but couldn’t confirm. Now we know.

These last 2 pieces of garbage have made her life miserable tried to discredit her, humiliate her, take her life’s work away, ran illegal background checks on her, disseminated medical records claiming they were hers even though the birth dates and middle names didn’t match. They worked with the WSBA to try to destroy her and protect their racket but they greatly underestimated her and they are all slowly reaping what they have sown.

The good news is that this will give me more time to work on the people involved in the drug epidemic, the Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office, and the City of Everett trash.

I wonder how Ms Di Di Di (Vittorio) is going to violate the Public Records Act without her main crony at the helm. Sadly we can guarantee that as we speak 100’s of 1000’s of public records are being destroyed right now to cover their own slug trails

The Washington State Bar Association, the Appellate Courts and the Supreme Courts will have to be entirely changed but we have something in the works for that too so our work here is not done. Far from it.

Now that these people won’t have the protection of their cronies I suspect their lives are going to be the way they’ve made so many others lives. Or at least we can hope so.

I don’t know if the voters realize or understand just how much power they have to change things, I just report on the activities going on in the county, the voters have the ultimate power to change the whole system and this year it seems that they’ve done their homework and made some better decisions.

So we have a few more elected officials to rid the county coffers of: Starting with the Prosecutor’s Office, Brian Sullivan and Stephanie Wright of the Snohomish County Council, Mayor Ray Stephanson and a laundry list of Judges.

The problem is that the corruption has become so widespread from the Bar, the Supreme Court and down to individual cities, counties and organizations because people weren’t watching their elected officials: But we are.

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