Dean Bellamy Dead After Confrontation With Spokane County Sheriff

Sadly it seems another Lin O’Dell and Mark Plivelich associate has met a violent end.

It seems that Mr Bellamy was bankrupt, according to court records and was drinking quite a bit.

Police had been dispatched to his house several times before for domestic violence calls, one of which also involved the SWAT team.

Somehow his charges kept getting dismissed and he was given back his guns with the help of Judge Annette S. Plese, (another Odell/Plivelich associate) It should be noted that in 2011 she gave his wife a restraining order during a divorce/custody proceeding but ended up letting him off scott free and squashing the restraining orders after he went into business with O’Dell

By all reports it would seem Mr Bellamy had it all, but it all seemed to unwind once he got into bed with O’Dell in her business dealings with the housing authority at Whispering Pines

This facebook picture almost seems to be prophetic

There was a standoff at his home, and his wife had told police that he told her he would go out in a blaze of glory. They tried non-lethal methods to stop him but after using those he went into his house, got his gun and started shooting at police. It is unknown if he shot himself or was hit by some of the return fire from the Sheriffs

Normally I wouldn’t write about a police shooting in Eastern Washington but I was contacted tonight by someone who said that he was acting so erratically because he was under investigation for something to do with Lin O’Dell and that her and Plivelich were threatening him.

I would tend to agree with the source because I’ve had many many agencies on my site for over a month looking up O’Dell and Mr Bellamy.

So I guess the rat is going to go down with her own ship all alone…