Dog Thrown From Car And A Story That Doesn’t Add Up



Once in a while you hear a story that makes your head go: Wait… What?

If you’re on Facebook you’ve probably seen this post by now


The story is that a dog was thrown from a car, and the car swerved to hit it, but it was hit by another car.

Simple enough. Horrifying by any standards.

But if you listen to the stories long enough even if your punch drunk you will start to wonder if this is a hoax of some kind.

The story is that a “Good Samaritan” seen the whole thing and brought the dog in. Right?

Take a look at the flier with the reward offer though

The dog is uninjured. In the photo. So where did that photo come from? If the good Samaritan only seen the dog after it was hit, how did anyone get a picture of her before she was hit? I called the police Dept and they said they’d have someone call me back to tell me where they got the great before picture.

Okay, any number of things could’ve happened, they could’ve photo shopped the picture so it wasn’t so brutal. They could have gotten a picture from the real owner who has not stepped forward.

I get that and that is not really enough to allay the outrage that any sensible human being should have over the death of this beautiful girl. No matter what the story, the fact is that this beautiful little girl lost her life.

I decided to watch the news and I probably shouldn’t have.

David Rose did a story about her and gave “details” of what happened. Here is where it gets weird. He said the witness told police that they threw the dog out of the back of a white SUV type of vehicle and then swerved and hit the dog, then a second car hit the dog.

I kept watching him to see if he even realized what he had just said.

Let that sink in for a moment…

If they threw the dog out of the back they wouldn’t have been able to swerve and hit her they were moving forward.

If in fact the dog came out of the back it very well could’ve fallen out of the back window, I had a neighbor who had that happen with her child who got out of his car seat (the child was okay, just a little road rash). That doesn’t mean anyone threw her out of a window.

My aunt’s Rottweilers jumped out the back of her pickup on I-5 and were hit multiple times. All she managed to get was one of their legs.

That is exactly why in my adoption contract one of the conditions is that people don’t let their dogs ride unrestrained in a vehicle.

The most suspect thing is that somehow Pasado’s got involved, and they have been pretty slow on donations lately.

Stealing neighbors dogs and trying to steal them hasn’t fostered a very charitable attitude for most who’ve had to deal with them. I get an average of 5 complaints a year from folks in that area that have had their animals disappear, or they catch them in the act of trying to lure their animals out of their yards or away from their homes.

Something is wrong with the entire story and the fact of the matter is that this sweet girl is still dead. The least the humans involved could do is tell the truth.

In looking at these pictures, I see a dog who may have been hurt but is alert and responsive but was still euthanized. Probably because she was a pitbull.