Erin Nicole Narte Killed on I-5 Motorcycle Accident

Tuesday morning I was coming home from work and noticed what I thought was a car on fire. Just glad I wasn’t going that direction and I said a prayer for whomever it was.

Turns out it was a girl from Granite Falls who just had a little girl in 2008, she made the news on January 19th 2013 for being a passenger in another wreck on State Route 9 but at least those people didn’t abandon her on the side of the road like a piece of trash. This is all that was left of the motorcycle.


Seems she was driving a motorcycle that was reported stolen from Everett several months ago. How she came into possession of it is unknown. It is also unknown if her boyfriend has been questioned as they have not identified the driver of the other motorcycle. UPDATE: We have confirmed that her boyfriend was not the one who was with her.

What is clear is that she was loved but had a troubled past. Her friends have started a go fund me account to help her daughter ad for funeral expenses. (Click picture to go to link)


I did not know her, she ran in the same group as my younger siblings and my kids. I don’t know what drove her to her end, we may never know. I know all of the kids are telling me she had a very hard life and had drug issues… How many more precious lives do we have to lose before Snohomish County does something to address the issue?

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