Ron Gipson Another "Truth Challenged" Elected Official

Well King 5 gave this guy an audience: Maybe just to entertain themselves or their viewers.
Everett council member addresses sexual harassment allegations

The investigation clearly showed he sexually harassed these women, they were all paid for their pain and suffering.To the tune of 250,000.00 each
He got 18 months of paid leave at taxpayer expense but he was “gracious” enough to take one month off without pay.
Yet he has been allowed to return to the scene of his crime further victimizing these women. I have talked to many women, and they have all told me the same thing: Most of them are terrified of him.
He has nothing to fear, he has continued his reign of sexual abuse for over 2 decades, and some idiot voters have given him that power over and over again. Even though the evidence is overwhelming he is allowed to abuse women daily.
The men I have talked to about him are equally as disgusted about him. This is the same man who claims that he gets so much “action” that he has to put antibiotics in his wife’s food so she won’t know if he has given her some disease. One could argue he is just bragging but when you hear it from multiple people it gains more traction in truth.
The most disturbing thing about this whole story is he says he is going to continue to fight to “clear his name” in other words he is going to continue to use and abuse our tax dollars and resources to try to prove that he didn’t do what he clearly did. His buddy Mayor Ray Stephanson is going to approve it to keep the status quo.
The message is very clear: Women are still treated as property, worth less then cattle in the City of Everett and Snohomish County.

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