Gary Ridgeway Enjoying Life at Club Fed

UPDATE: 9/18/2015 Seems the DOC dipsticks have seen the error of their ways and are making arrangements to have Ridgeway brought back to Washington

I hope that by now it is very clear that I don’t really care what anyone thinks about my past. I left home as a child and became a “Streetkid” I went through some of the most horrific abuse that in your lifetime you couldn’t even fathom.

As a child my step-father not only sexually abused me but he shared me with a few of the bigwigs at Lockheed Martin, and Rockwell International, which begs the question: How do these sick creatures find each other? To this day there may still be some old reel tapes of my abuse and for many years I lived in fear that someday it would come back to haunt me. It has kept me from many things in life for fear that it would be put out into the world. To this day whenever I meet someone from Lockheed-Martin, Rockwell International, or Boeing it makes my skin crawl and I wonder…

My mother had a penchant for picking deviant men and in keeping with that she managed to date Theodore Bundy, several weeks later I was found down by the river, tied up with a plastic sheet underneath of me. I don’t remember what happened or even that it happened, I had to get confirmation of it myself. The Snohomish County Sheriff’s theory was that I “just ran away” but dumb, and dumber could never explain how I tied myself up. I do know that I cried for joy the day they televised the death of this creature.

Between the sexual abuse and the physical abuse that was so bad that I had to be put into a chemically induced coma several times… the other times I was beaten into a coma: I stood a much better chance on the streets.

Because of the fact that I was so tiny it seemed that everyone on the streets took a big sister or big brother stance with me, others were not so lucky and ended up with some pimp. I learned how to survive by picking parking meters, pan handling and my favorite, was when we would all get a hotel room and the “chickenhawks” as we called them, men who liked kids around 10 to 12 yrs old. We would keep the key and as they would cruise around “the block” we’d approach the car and say we needed the money first to give to our pimp and that the cops were watching so we’d give them the key, and tell them to meet us at the hotel room and laugh as they drove off. Seriously what were they going to do? Call the cops? That would give us enough money for food and a hotel room for a couple of weeks.

Look at your child or grandchild right this minute and think about them, living on the streets, trying to avoid pimps, getting raped pretty much once a month if not more, and sleeping behind the dumpster they just ate cold pizza out of, because that was 100 times better then living at home. That was my reality 30 years ago and it still is for many children.

So you’ll forgive me if I hold my head up high because of the fact that I survived my childhood, and managed to raise a bunch of children, my own, foster, adopted, and family that don’t hit, don’t abuse and who live pretty good lives in spite of few goofs.

It’s also why I had to laugh when the Sky Valley Chronicle posted that I had a butt load of kids with different men, why yes I do: Lots of kids with different fathers and mothers. It made me who I am today, it’s the reason I fight for the underdog, rescue animals, rescue people, why I am a Minister, and why I won’t back down from the city of Everett.

It is also why I have to make sure I shut down a very specific group of men. They may not even remember me but made sure I was abused, some abused me themselves: They will remember before they go to hell. I suspect all of them do know exactly who I am, but think I am that same powerless little girl, they also know I am not going to take any violent actions, I will get far more pleasure destroying their reputations based on their own actions but they think they are invincible…

What amazes me is how many people are making themselves a party to this, but my firm belief is that they are also pedophiles. No moral person would ever knowingly protect a child or woman abuser unless they are one themselves.

Which begs the question: Which authorities and elected leaders made the decision to move Gary Ridgeway to Club Fed? They all need to be investigated and mark my words you will find that they themselves are the same kind of person. Don’t mind the fact that some of them may be women, a lot of women sexually abuse kids, more then you can even imagine.

I promise this to the families and to the ghosts of these girls: I will find out every single detail about everyone involved and I will expose them.

These girls were not just “victims”, they are not just another name on a list. They were my “sisters” my best friends, they were beautiful human beings who had so much to offer the world, they had people who loved them fiercely, some had children, they were little girls with no other options that they could see.

I still remember the feeling when someone would come around the corner and ask if anyone had seen Ziggy, or Berta, or any of the other girls, we would search, sometimes for days. We knew they were gone, but being children ourselves there was nothing we could do and no way to understand. Most of us were beaten and abused but this was different, this was “dead” there was no way to come back from that, we also knew we weren’t worth anything to most people and that we were all fair game, 3 of the girls he got weren’t hookers, several more were absolutely gay and would’ve never even considered a man, there were enough women in business suits willing to pay for sex with little girls or boys and no one ever noticed them. Ridgeway had a partner, or he wouldn’t have gotten some of them girls into his car. Who was that partner? Who is she now?

Ridgeway was merely being kept alive to give us answers, he knows that, someone else knew it and wanted him gone.He’s going to end up getting killed down there, that is how it is supposed to be, unless Reichert, Jensen and Mullinax can get him back up here. In the meantime he is living the good life at Club Fed but Washington taxpayers are still on the hook for that.

The most disgusting part of this is Ann Rule: I hope G*d has mercy on her soul because I sure don’t, she was related to one of the girls he killed, yet she didn’t pop out a dime for her funeral costs but she sure profited off of her death and so many others. I wanted to just scream at Brother Rule when he stood up in court and stared that beast in the face and said “I forgive you” in my life I will never understand but it wasn’t just my loss, Ziggy was his daughter and it is his choice in how to deal with it. I believe she knows exactly who it is but she has taken that info to the grave with her.


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