Sean Reay and John Pennington: Birds of a Feather

UPDATE: I recently received some of my own records and discovered that the records they gave another requestor for “Mark Roe’s Phone Records” were in fact Sean Reay’s phone records

Our SnoCo Prosecutor Mark Roe can’t seem to make up his mind about anything except that he hates most of the Judges, the new courthouse, everyone who doesn’t bow down to him, oh… and the citizens.

Mr Roe constantly cries foul when anyone accuses him of being a friend of John Pennington, or even knowing him.

I’d say him helping Crystal Pennington get out of child beating charges qualifies him as a friend or someone who was promised something to meet his political aspirations…

A citizen has proven that she was being illegally tracked even though a Seattle Times reporter called her delusional, and Mark Roe was trying to get King county to do his bidding for him to trump up criminal charges against the citizen, she wrote to Mr Roe about a meeting he was having which involved many people pretty much all day long, she wrote to him

From: A Citizen
Sent: Thursday, August 27, 2015 10:14 AM
Cc: Roe, Mark

Subject: RE: Public Records Request :: K002245-082415 IP ADDRESS for Mr Public Records Requster linked to our wonderful friends in Sno County

Mr. Roe-
I just received a source who said that You were on the phone with Mr. Public Records Requester John Pennington this morning at 9:45 am. The source also said that You were on the phone with the AG Bob Fergusson.
Source claims that You are once again trying to trump up criminal charges on us based on First Amendment protected activity.

Perhaps a little less conspiring to harm citizens and little more work that doesn’t include misusing taxpayer monies. Bigger question for us is what Pennington has on you would be of the most interest to all us open government supporters here in Washington.

Mr. Somers, this kind of civil rights violations needs to end. I sure hope that You clean this up before people like Mark Roe, John Lovick and Mark Ericks cause our county to go bankrupt.


His response was horrifying and he can’t seem to make up his mind about a couple things…

On September 3, 2015 at 1:10 PM Roe, Mark wrote:

This is the only time you will get a response directly from me to your on-going claims about me or members of my office. I merely wish to make a record that each and every one of your allegations against members of my office and me, including the ones in your email below, are false and have no basis in reality. Your reply is not requested or necessary. I will simply ignore it.
I have never had a conversation with Mr. Pennington, on the phone or in person, last week, month, or year, yesterday, today, or any other day. I have never had conversations with him because I do not know him, nor do I know his past or present wives. I feel sorry that their family has had to endure your obsessive and offensive behavior, because many of my staff and I have suffered it as well.
I wasn’t on the phone with Bob Ferguson either, though I did meet and talk to him once, years ago. We have no ongoing relationship.
I also have no ongoing relationship with Aaron Reardon or Kevin Hulten, both of whom I hear blame me to some extent for their demise. Your contention that they are my allies is ludicrous.
I previously have offered to meet with you face to face. You declined. I intended to tell you face to face that I do not know or have any relationship with many of the people you accuse me of conspiring with (to do what has never been clear), including the Penningtons.
We have real and important work to do here, and not enough people to do it after years of budget cuts. The citizens of Snohomish County depend upon us to bring justice to those whose lives have been impacted by child molesters, murderers, drunk drivers, burglars, and identity thieves. It is difficult to discern what information you are looking for, in the hundreds of public records requests that have been received from you and your associates over the past few years. Yet my office has diligently responded to your requests, as the law requires. It is a shame that hundreds of scarce hours and too many of our limited resources have been diverted to this task when the only purpose of these requests seems to be to fulfill your desire to feel important. The public records act is a great tool, but was never intended to be abused, and misused as a weapon the way you and your associates wield it.
Mark Roe

Of course I wrote him back (it should be noted that he never responded to my letter, he never will.

RE: Public Records Request :: K002245-082415 IP ADDRESS for Mr Public Records Requster linked to our wonderful friends in Sno County
Mr Roe,
You do realize that you are a “Public Servant” right? You were elected to serve the citizens of this county. The Public Records Act is one of our safeguards to make sure that people like you are fulfilling your obligation to the taxpayers.
Your argument fails because there are many emails between the Penningtons and yourself whether it’s in an all hands type of email or whatever the case may be. It fails miserably on the fact that you tried to get Mark Larson of King County to do your bidding by asking him to press criminal charges against a citizen because she “was such a pain in the ass” So do you randomly send out requests to other counties to do your dirty work for someone you have never talked to or met?
I have seen numerous emails where you have talked about what a waste Judge Howard was, or how useless Judge Wise was, and how useless you think the new courthouse is, you always have something negative to say about anyone who doesn’t bow down to the Imperial Mark Roe, but guess what? You still work for us: We still pay your wages with our tax dollars, not to sit around and ridicule citizens, gossip about Judges, and whine about how you should be getting this that and any other fool thing.
Maybe if you spent as much time actually prosecuting those murderers rapists, drug dealers, and other criminals as you do complaining about everyone and everything you’d get more done. Until then sir, I believe it is you who is a wasting our tax dollars.





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