Kathryn Abele Another One of Judge Farris’s Victims

The message is crystal clear: Fight for your clients rights when the powers that be, are trying to destroy them and we’ll destroy you too.

In August we told you how the Supreme Court somehow magically cured hearing loss with their snake oil and lies. With Justice Charlie Wiggins at the Helm.

Judge Anita Farris of Snohomish County got Vanessa Norman on board to solicit complaints against Ms Abele via email, and she personally attacked Ms Abele and filed a few of her own complaints.

Then Marshal Webb at the King County courthouse tripped Ms Abele and they tried to charge her with making a false report because they thought they got rid of all the tapes but the morons most certainly did not.

We have the tape clearly showing Webb sticking out his leg to trip her and she had witnesses at her Bar Hearing who confirmed it but the WSBA ignored them completely.

This is what the Washington State Bar does to good attorneys, they disbar them, destroy their lives, and reputations and walk away laughing.

One only needs to watch the private lynching of Ms Block to see the smug looks on their face to realize how much pleasure they derive from wielding their power.

So now Ms Abele who has lived in excruciating pain amongst many other disabilities is forced to live in pain even longer since she can not even afford the 6800.00 co-pay for her much needed hip replacements. (Click on the link if you would like to help) Anyone who has ever experienced hip problems knows the pain and it can be indescribable.

Now if you all remember Snohomish County Judge Anita Farris has warned state officials almost 2 weeks ago that they could face jail if they don’t appear in her courtroom to explain why mentally ill persons wait in jail instead of being sent to a treatment facility. It seems her ego is tripping the light fantastic so reality is subjective at this point.

How can she “order” any agency to spend money they don’t have or provide services that would put it’s most vulnerable citizens in danger?

Now when I first heard this I thought “Way to go!” but then I found out that this is the same woman who so brazenly abused Ms Abele a disabled attorney who dared to challenge her to fight for her client yet she wants to go all “Dodge City” on state workers.

Unless you are deaf, blind and illiterate you know that Western State Hospital is sorely under funded, and very dangerous for both patients and workers, so basically what she seems to be upset about is that WSH won’t take mentally ill patients immediately from Snohomish County Jail to get them out of her hair.