Moving Problem People Rarely Solves Any Real Problems

Snohomish County has gotten rid of John E Pennington Jr and his wife, Ms Crystal Berg Hill Pennington.

I have no doubt these folks will slime their way into another community and another job that they are not legally qualified for courtesy of their buddies at FEMA.

I have sat here and thought about what these people have done to this county and to it’s citizens in 9 years of misery.

Then to think of the misery that Mr Pennington has caused starting with

  1. the molestation of 2 boys on a church camping trip in California
  2. which landed him in Oregon where he almost beat a woman to death,
  3. then onto Vancouver where he met and married another woman that he brutalized while
  4. stealing his mother in laws identity and charging up false credit cards
  5. stealing coffee equipment from a company he worked at to start his own business,
  6. to a little girl raped and thrown down a gully to die,
  7. to missing rape kits,
  8. then thanks to his bed hopping with Jennifer Dunn landing a job as FEMA region 10 director
  9. until the Seattle Times found out he was a diploma mill “graduate” and
  10. George W Bush was going to name him as the head of FEMA for running his reelection campaign out of Cowlitz County til he did a background check on him and found much more then we have
  11. to his “sweetheart” appointment by Aaron Reardon to the Snohomish County Emergency Management Position, one he “claims to have founded” which is another lie, so he could give the green light for builders to build in the Steelhead area and the entire world knows how that went for 43 innocent people
  12. there are still no real answers as to what happened to over 100,000.00 missing from the DEM in 2011 one of Aaron Rerdon’s former mistresses claim it was taken by Reardon but no formal investigation has ever come of it
  13. oh and we can’t forget that he was running his own business using county resources, and fax machines while being paid by the county
  14. to the citizen that he filed over 20 false complaints against with the help of G. Geoffrey Gibbs, Lin O’Dell, Linda Eide, Seth Fine, Sean Reay, Sara DiVittorio, Margaret King along with his buddy Marlin Appelwick and
  15. the other citizen who complained about his dept not doing his job and he sent his goons from the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office to almost beat him to death and harass him to this day and
  16. for all of the SnoCo employees who’s lives he ruined when they challenged him or didn’t suck up to him,
  17. to the other wife he beat and stalked but working with Kenyon Disend, and Duvall Mayor Will Ibershof managed to run her out of town and hide the charges
  18. to the false charges he and a Duvall Officer Lori Batiot tried to file against the former lawyer with the help of a Shoreline Officer Cory Coblantz and the Port of Seattle
  19. to his Echo Lake sex parties where others wives husbands, animals and children are all on “the menu”
  20. to even our Snohomish County Judges Eric Z Lucas and Richard Okrent getting involved to help cover up his wacko divorce, criminal charges and a plethera of other legal battles they made “disappear”
  21. to our inept Sheriff turned county exec issuing him a gun license when he clearly was not supposed to have one and he didn’t even live in this county to begin with

His latest wife is just as bad, possibly worse Crystal Berg Hill Pennington

  1. She started out as a wanna be lawyer trying to practice law which got her the boot
  2. Until she managed to get elected as the Mayor of Gold Bar where she
  3. regularly flashed her boobs at Bubba’s road house
  4. and gave Aaron Reardon a few stiffies
  5. while she was considered the city hall doorknob according to Gold Bar Patriarch Dorothy Croshaw
  6. she did manage to cover up the embezzlement of funds by her friend Laura Kelly
  7. and the sabotage of the city wells and illigal use of credit cards by Karl Majerle
  8. yet somehow she managed to get her house foreclosed on while serving as Mayor
  9. and was writing fraudulent checks all the while
  10. and we can’t forget the 400K that went missing when a city official gave some kids down in Portland the city cards with the pin numbers
  11. I guess FEMA doesn’t care that she was convicted of fraud since they keep giving her teaching contracts at EMI she has even managed to slime her way into Tribal grants

We know some very important things about Pennington’s tenure:

As stated above he lies on his “resume” claiming he founded the SnoCo DEM when in fact it had been started some time before he ever arrived to our doorstep.

Efforts to create a county Department of Emergency Management hit a snag when a deadline is missed for filing paperwork and the county is told it is no longer eligible for a $1 million grant. The county ultimately gets the money, but Reardon and Soine are criticized for failing to pay attention to details.

We know that he has claimed to each ex-wife that he has “dirt” on many of the people in power in this state and he does courtesy of his swinger/sex club


We also know from his h-key histories that Mr Pennington was using hacking software, photoshopping software, and that he was visiting porn sites like Barely 18 and others that focus on children and that he was using another drive to keep and store info that he didn’t want us to have, while he was supposed to be working for our tax dollars


Anything he “has” maybe photoshopped after he has hacked into someone’s computer to gain pictures of them or information to work with to fabricate these stories.

Politicians being what they are have bowed down to him whether the info he has presented is true or not because they can’t take the bad publicity. There is a reason why when reporters, lawyers and activists request public records we ask for “metadata” it gives the true footprints of where an item comes from and when and Mr Pennington has figured out how to erase the initial footprints but he hasn’t been able to get at the other layers

I have seen some of the emails this guy has copied and pasted together and it took about 2 minutes for other activists to find all of the info to be able to tell what was edited, how out of date it was and what was added by Mr Pennington, it was sad.

So we are somewhat rid of them but where does that leave the rest of the country? Where does that leave innocent people who will be their next victims.

I know there are quite a few people standing around cheering that he is gone but he slimed out the way he always does, there are no consequences for his behavior and he will do this until he can no longer work.

How many more lives is he free to ruin now? Sadly he has found a woman who is just as low as he is so that just makes them together all the more dangerous to all of us.

Sadly we are still stuck with the Judges, Commissioners, Cops, and Feds who also gave him a large portion of his power.

There are over 40 people in power involved in this, we only got rid of four of them and they will never be punished for their criminal activity, that is the reality and the reason I have to keep digging, keep reporting and keep up on this mission.

It’s kind of like how everyone thinks Aaron Reardon is gone, he may not be in an elected office but his cronies are still firmly in place doing his dirty work for him because it benefits them as well.

It may be a new year but our fight is far from over.


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