City of Duvall ~ Predicate Acts Against the 1st Amendment and Our Newspaper

It seems the City of Duvall just had to get in on the action… It never ceases to amaze me that so many people can conspire just to try to destroy one individual. Unfortunately they threw their net out too far and managed to drag us into their corrupt little games and illegal activities

I just read some of the public records I requested and honestly I have been so flabbergasted that I haven’t even figured out what to say. Some of it makes me laugh and some of it makes me so angry I can feel my blood pressure spiking in my ears, other parts of it are so patently stupid that I don’t know what to think

I reported about the ongoing saga going on between a certain citizen, John Pennington and just lately the city of Duvall. There are more then 300 pages of this nonsense so I’ve clipped a few excerpts to give you an understanding of just how far this depravity has gone.

In one of our latest stories you might remember a certain citizen made a public records request and the city sent 3dr party notice to the Pennington’s with the statement that some of these records could harm the Pennington’s. This statement is even stranger… What you may not read into the statement are 2 very important things. John Pennington knows not to get a restraining order because everything he says can be used in depositions, he then gets placed in the very uncomfortable position of having to defend his lies. He is then free to continue living off of the county dime at taxpayer expense. So basically he is saying: The Duvall Police needs to file criminal charges in lieu of a restraining order to protect him so he would be in the clear. Ms Batiot then immediately files a criminal investigation at John Pennington’s behest.

15-00423Da.pdf 2015-06-03 04-27-49

Here is just one instance of them putting our newspaper/twitter account into public record as belonging to a certain citizen. Now keep in mind that the Pennington’s attacked my accounts as well. I have never written any story about either one without documentation. Attacking someone for telling the truth about you is very poor form. The problem is that they put this in a public record.

15-00423Da.pdf 2015-06-03 04-32-19

Here is where you can see the sensational lies that Crystal Hill Pennington is capable of telling. She never told Batiot that she had tried to get a restraining order til Batiot found it, if you believe Mrs Pennington then Judge Meyer is dumb as a post. No sitting Judge is that stupid as to claim that children can be deposed or “talking someone out of getting an order” if they are truly in danger

15-00423Da.pdf 2015-06-03 04-40-27

Wait, now the mean mean Judge actually caused her and John to be “afraid to pursue the protection order” which is absolutely ridiculous but the end of the statement is what is important: Besides the fact that Crystal thinks everyone has some sexual obsession with her: She says “It was her hope that she would divert her harassment to an officer or someone from the court because she felt that person would have more recourse then her” Not a big deal in a statement by itself or on it’s face until you realize that almost directly after that Batiot went running down to the court to get a restraining order against her replete with many of the same lies and exhibits that Mrs Pennington had already entered into a court of law, possibly just to goad her into coming after her.

What she fails to understand is that she is not “going after any one for personal matters” all of her activism is in direct response to what is being done to her. the Public Records Act, and all of our Civil Rights. There is no sane jury that won’t find for her in this case because this is the direct correlation, and the overt action. Example: You and I can say we are going to toilet paper Ms So and So’s yard next week, saying it doesn’t make us guilty of a crime but if we went out and bought the toilet paper and made the plans then we can be guilty of planning that crime. The 1st Amendment gives us leave to say what we want, speech alone is generally considered harmless but it is the actions that define whether a crime has been committed or not.

15-00423Da.pdf 2015-06-03 04-41-19

So this is where the peanut gallery starts to show. Mrs Pennington claims “She took her license to practice as a lawyer” I suppose now she believes she runs the WSBA and the Supreme Court? She also claims that “She is not supposed to contact her” which makes the responding officer run an NCIC/WACIC check on her. A record that was not released to us because it would’ve shown that Crystal Berg (AKA Hill AKA Pennington) pled guilty to some sort of check fraud amongst other things. Interestingly none of the documents from this particular report were released to us.

15-00423Da.pdf 2015-06-03 04-45-44

Well now we have 2 more times where my information, my twitter account and my newspaper were incorrectly entered into a public record as belonging to a certain citizen. The problem is (and it’s a big problem for Pennington/Hill/Berg) is that she signed this whole statement under penalty of perjury and basically all she did is lie.

15-00423Da.pdf 2015-06-03 04-48-48 15-00423Da.pdf 2015-06-03 04-50-31

Moving on… It seems Crystal Pennington has been caught in yet another lie: Her and John Pennington requested that the order be dismissed to which the Judge denied the order as a matter of protocol.

15-00423Db.pdf 2015-06-03 05-19-05

It gets better though: This is supposed to be John Pennington’s statement. Does he have a husband we don’t know about? Her (or his) claims that Mrs Pennington has been denied employment because of her also fails, it is her criminal record that is stopping her from these endeavors, because these agencies do run criminal background checks. Most bizzare is then he/she goes on to say “Hey your Honor I know we’re here trying to get a restraining order but we don’t really want one cause it’ll fiss her off” What in the???

15-00423Db.pdf 2015-06-03 05-34-16 15-00423Db.pdf 2015-06-03 05-38-12

I don’t like my name or information being used to perpetrate a lie against another individual and now these records will forever stay in the public realm. The Penningtons, the City of Duvall and a few others have taken predicate acts against our business and myself personally. It would be funny if it weren’t so egregious, or if in doing it they didn’t intend to harm me but they did. As I stated before this is the very definition of RICO committed against myself and a certain citizen

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