UPDATED: Sgt Batiot of the Duvall Police Dept Files a SLAPP Suit to Avoid Public Records

Never in the history of Washington State have I ever seen such a blatant SLAPP suit. I have searched everywhere I can think of and have not been able to find anything as stupid as this.

Sgt Lori Batiot, Judge Eileen Kato, Judge Smith, the Christie Law Group and Kenyon Disend just took the 1st Amendment and used it for their own personal toilet paper ALL at taxpayer expense. (On 5/16/2015 Mr Miller from Christie Law group emailed me and informed me that he was the only one representing Ms Batiot, and the city of Duvall)

As we reported earlier Sgt Batiot did not like the fact that the citizens were asking for her public records so she ran down and lied about numerous things and got a free restraining order. Yes: You read that right, she claimed she was too poor to pay for an order even though her and her husband are gainfully employed and they own a very pricey home in Shoreline

(Editor’s note: This is all a matter of public record but if Sgt Batiot wants to run down and try to get a SLAPP motion filed on me she had better include Google, Bing, Yahoo and the entire internet, along with the King County Assessor which lists the property publicly and the state of Washington and all of the courts which list her former last names of Harris, and Hoffer and also list her previous DUI)

We did manage to get some of the documents which were emailed to the citizen in lieu of legally being served, but she could not open the documents or attachments because of where she is at in Europe. She forwarded the email to us but we refused to tell her what was in there so they couldn’t claim she was served by proxy.

First off no one gets an attorney to file an anti-harrassment order but she did, the Christie Law Group and somehow Kenyon Disend is involved and CC’d into every message going back and forth: and we the public are paying for every single dime courtesy of the city of Duvall. I didn’t approve my tax dollars to go to a cop who has perjured herself in a court of law. How is that any of our problem?


Page 1 is the order of indigency, she is far from indigent, she just bought a 300,000 town home last year. A simple Google Search for “Lori Batiot” will show you exactly where it is.

As for the rest of the pages from page #7 to page #12. I can personally testify under penalty of perjury that most of that is an out and out lie. So can a few other people…

More importantly the statement on page 12 should’ve stopped any Judge with more then 3 brain cells dead in their tracks. She admits she has a Tort Claim filed against her so she is getting an anti-harassment order. That is textbook SLAPP activity, and any judge who signed this is in fact a party to a RICO claim which basically says, if more then 1 person conspires against someone to violate their rights they have committed a RICO.

Ms Batiot is claiming that the citizen is lying about her, but her DUI is a matter of public record, and she has sources all over the place who have provided all types of proof, pictures and documents. I have seen them myself.

As Cousin Winston said…

Winston Churchill...5th June 1941: Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965) pins his flag into his lapel after he had bought one in aid of Red Cross Day in London. (Photo by Central Press/Getty Images)
Winston Churchill…5th June 1941: Winston Churchill (1874 – 1965) pins his flag into his lapel after he had bought one in aid of Red Cross Day in London. (Photo by Central Press/Getty Images)


My “style” might be a little more subdued but trust me I am just as angry. No one has any right to do what these criminals in King and Snohomish County are doing to our civil and Constitutional Rights.

No one.

These folks have gotten far too big for their britches and we have only ourselves to blame…

Here are some important points (and lies) contained in this false instrument filed by a public official

1) The “I’m too poor to pay for my own order because I just bought a 300K home defense”


2) The “I used my personal phone number to call you and threaten you but I don’t know how you got the number defense” followed by the “she told people all about my past to embarrass me so I’m going throw in a bunch of documents that have nothing to do with it defense”

pg23) The “Your honor I do not know how she got my personal number after I sent it to her in a threatening email defense” It must work on another planet…

pg44) The “Your honor I only sent voice mails and made recorded statements threatening them defense”. Or the “I should still be able to lie about what I said because I am a cop defense”

pg55) Here’s the famous “I’m so scared that I have to bring my gun home every night but I use a butcher knife whenever someone knocks at my door defense”. To be followed with the all famous “Someone knocked on my door at 2 a.m. and then emailed me 7 hours later so it must’ve been them defense”

pg66) Not to be ignored is the “I know the citizen was no where near the area but she managed to make face to face contact with the Pennington children defense”

pg77) Okay this is an early Christmas present for all the first year law graduates who might be afraid they can’t win a case: Just request the investigating officer’s public records and evidently they will be crippled immediately from doing their jobs, just be warned they will throw their kids in the mix to garner sympathy

pg88) None of this can be topped by the all famous “I am violating a citizen’s rights but you should give me a restraining order because she is fighting back and that’s just not fair your honor” (Hey she found 2 judges STUPID enough to fall for it!)



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