Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations crosses county lines

We recently learned that the Snohomish County Dept of Emergency Manager and his wife, John & Crystal Pennington, were participating in a play orchestrated by the City of Duvall’s Community theatre.

We wondered how he had gotten into a position where he had access to vulnerable children via the Children’s Community Theatre given his record of violence against women.

When we contacted the theatre and the city about it they declined to answer this one question: Do they run any kind of background checks on people before they are allowed to participate?

Meanwhile the Pennington’s filed a motion for protection in order to avoid being served in King County which actually provided proof of the RICO lawsuit being filed against them and others

We received no response but what follows will boggle the mind.

A citizen requested records to find out what their qualifications, volunteer & employees list was to see if anyone else had a criminal record and to see if in fact anyone had background checks run on them. It became apparent that it was not the case, since the manager of the arts program had several criminal charges herself. We then ran this story…

How safe are your children at after school or community activities?

We contacted several other community associations that run children’s program’s privately and through cities or counties and asked them their policy on background checks, all but 3 said not only do they run a background check but they do it yearly to make sure there are no charges that have slipped by. We did notice of the 3 who didn’t: their management lists changed shortly thereafter which may or may not have been a coincidence.

Most of us assume Duvall is a sweet little sleepy town where you move to “get away from it all” this may be true in a more sinister way.

So far we have the activities manager with a criminal background, a community program that does nothing to protect your children, and a DEM with a violent criminal background.

Mr Pennington is a named party in a RICO lawsuit, and 2 private investigators went to serve him at his home, he was not there, instead they found a 10 yr old, an 11 yr old and a 2 or 3 yr old child at home alone while the parents were at the community theatre for a rehearsal in an upcoming play.

You can find the 911 recordings here

The Penningtons were out for the night at a play rehearsal and 2 private investigators came to serve him with court papers and found their young children alone at home. The children called the parents who then called the police lying saying the PI’s were impersonating officers, and that they had just left when they had already been gone for quite some time, they also neglected to mention the baby and lied saying both of the girls alone at home were 12 yrs old. The next day Crystal was finally served then she called the police to lie again and say the PI was impersonating an officer, and that she didn’t know who he was but she somehow knew his name.

So that should’ve been the end of it but it never is with these people, somehow they managed to get a Sgt to buy into their stories who at some point called a citizen to threaten her over the weekend, she also threatened the Private Investigators saying she would charge them with interfering with an ongoing investigation that the city’s prosecutors were pursuing:

The city’s prosecutors are none other then the firm of Kenyon Disend who helped Mr Pennington almost bury the charges of beating the wife before last, throwing her down the stairs while pregnant and stalking her, they are also named in the RICO lawsuit so they have no business investigating any citizen without leaving the city of Duvall in the middle of one of the biggest lawsuits this state has ever encountered. We must also add that shortly after this firm helped Mr Pennington they managed to get the City of Duvall and Gold Bar contracts as far as we can tell.

Many small firms represent smaller towns & cities instead of them hiring a full prosecution staff which is usually a cheaper alternative unless those firms drag a city straight into a RICO lawsuit right with them.

The Sgt who threatened the citizen and the PI’s also has a few criminal charges herself including a DUI. It would seem that Duvall is in fact a town to go to get away from it all… if you have a criminal background and still want to prey upon the community.

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