The Pennington's providing more evidence of RICO

Our suspicions have been comfirmed on several matters
1) Crystal Hill & John Pennington are being represented by Sean Raey of the Snohomish County Prosecutor’s office from tax-payer money. Mr Pennington is a county employee so even though it is not ethical it is loophole legal for the county to represent him, but Ms Hill-Pennington is not nor has ever been a county employee, & for a brief time was an elected official in the city of Gold Bar
raey legal counsel for hill
2) She filed a restraining/no contact order against Ms Anne Block after seeing on her twitter account that she was out of town, then for some odd reason (once they found out it was going to be denied) asked for it to be dismissed. Problem is they already filed it & it is all now officially public record
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3) She has just claimed she has prior ex-parte knowledge of the fact that a US District court Judge is going to dismiss a RICO lawsuit & level sanctions against Ms Block. One could say she is just assuming but it was in fact Ms Hill who tweeted to Ms Block months before there was any WSBA action that “she couldn’t wait to go to her disbarment hearing” So just how would she have info on upcoming decisions that haven’t been made on paper?
dismiss w sanctions
4) She also left herself, her husband & the county open to other lawsuits with documents that they provided. Documents that were requested by Ms Block from the county & the city which she never recieved. They also proved for her that they have been harassing her via her twitter accounts which is a predicate act.
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***Please note Exhibit D was too large to upload here, we have someone working on it right now
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Basically the Pennington’s handed the case to Ms Block but if you are to believe Ms Hill-Pennington then Judge Jones & Snohomish County have already worked out a deal & have already decided. We have emailed Judge Jones for comment to see how & when he decided the case before a hearing & shared that information with everyone but Ms Block.
What is particularly concerning are the 2 police reports where the police seem far too eager to protect Mr Pennington even to the point of making statements that they have no knowledge of.
The 1st report is one that was not disclosed in any of the records I can find so this may be a public disclosure issue
The second report is written more like a character reference, here the officer makes quite a few statements that he has no knowledge of even to the point of defending the Pennington’s for leaving their children alone, & again making statements he can not possibly know to be true


How this officer can make statements that he has no proof of & could never testify in a court of law to is beyond comprehension. Add to that that Mr Pennington lied about the folks from PSI investigations & they included us in their frivolous motion.
The question that remains unanswered is this: If in fact Ms Block is lying about all of these people why haven’t they sued her in a court of law? Most people, if accused of these types of things, would all be at the first attorney’s office we could find.

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