Washington State Auditor deep in mire…

I am not sure why there hasn’t been more coverage but thankfully the folks over at

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have been covering (or uncovering it if you will) Here are a few of the stories I could find. Please pay very close attention to all of what is going on. This man is in charge of all of our cities, counties & the state to make sure that all of our money is going where it should & how it should.

The Washington State Auditor’s office has released a federal grand jury subpoena it received earlier this month. The subpoena sought information about a staff member who had worked with auditor Troy Kelley’s private business.

Federal agents searched the home of Washington State Auditor Troy Kelley on Monday. Now, the Democrat’s office confirms it turned over documents to the U.S. Department of Justice Thursday in response to a subpoena.

The Washington state Auditor’s office says it’s turned over documents to the Department of Justice in response to a subpoena.


Monday morning in Tacoma Troy Kelley’s neighbors heard a knock on the Washington state auditor’s door. Agents of the U.S. Treasury Department announced themselves, entered through the front door and searched his home for about five hours. Kelley’s office submitted documents in response to a federal subpoena Thursday.


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