How safe are your children at after school or community activities?

I occasionally get tips from the the public anonymously, people who like to send me on ghost hunts.

The tip this time: Pennington has found a way to get access to more victims through his wife Crystal. Ohhhhkay…. thanks a lot buddy. I found nothing about JP & kids.So I typed in his wife & found that she was involved in a community theatre group & that they were both going to be in an adult oriented play. I blew that off & forwarded it to the Gold Bar Reporter, upon further investigation we figured out that this theatre is a non-profit run by the city of Duvall & that they also have a children’s theatre group.

Cascade Community Theatre

In partnership with the Duvall Cultural Commission (DCC), Cascade Community Theatre is a program of the Cascade Arts & Culture Council (CACC) that inspires creativity through educational programs in theatre arts for individuals of all ages, promotes personal growth by enabling active participation in planning, production, and performance, and delights our community with compelling entertainment in the Snoqualmie Valley.

For more information on CCT visit:

So here is just a smidgen of what we do know about Mr Pennington

but for further reading with far more documentation try this link

So how did someone with a criminal background of violence against women get into a community theatre & involved with children? I emailed the directors & got no response to these questions:

Mr Young, Mr Pattinson, & Mr Robkin.

1) What is your protocol for ensuring that children are safe?

2) What if any safeguards do you have in place to make sure that the children aren’t abused?

3) Why aren’t you running background checks in a program that is funded by taxpayer & donor dollars?

My thought is they don’t have an answer.

So how many clubs, school projects, city projects, & associations really do background checks on any of the employees or volunteers? The woman who runs (or ran) the actual Duvall Cultural Commission also has a criminal background for something in California which they also would not answer as to what that was.

Theses agencies & associations have a moral, legal, finacial, & ethical duty to protect children from predators yet no one seems to require anything even as simple as a background check. Why is that?

As a parent it is also your duty to ask if any of the people involved in any of your children’s activities have been thoroughly vetted & checked. Never assume that they have just because it is a program run by a city, county, or a well known association. Most of the victims of the Franklin Abuse Scandal came from the very well respected Boys Town. One of our own city of Everett council members came from the Catholic church as one of their attorneys who’s job it was to protect the pedophiles of the church.

Never assume that your children are safe anywhere & never assume that abuse doesn’t happen to boys. Boys are 10 times more likely to be abused because they don’t speak up, they don’t have support groups, & there is still such a stigmatism attached to blaming the victim that they usually just suffer in silence.

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