DEM Conducting Personal business on county time

Here is the second case in Snohomish County ~ again there are hundreds of pages but I am adding 40 pages for now & will add more as finances permit

In this case Pennington is trying to get a restraining order against his own mother in law The same woman that he defrauded by using her name to get a credit card.

He took the action to Snohomish County instead of Clark county where she lived or King County where he lived.

He took it to the one place he KNEW he could win, but oddly enough the Judge in question refused to give him his way. The commissioner recused himself because he thought it appeared improprietous but the Judge seen no such conflict but this is one of the rare times that Mr Pennington was ever ruled against in Snohomish County

Please pay close attention to page 12 & 13… That means that any citizen has the right (and some would say the “duty”) to investigate your leaders as thoroughly as possible. Anyone who put themselves in that position is subject to close scrutiny, as they should be.

This is the kind of manipulative, abusive person who is running an office that lives depend on. 34 people are confirmed dead in part because of this man’s inability to do his job because he is running around trying to clean up his messes at home which inevitably spill into his office & working life.

Pennington Fox001 Pennington Fox002 Pennington Fox003 Pennington Fox004 Pennington Fox005 Pennington Fox006 Pennington Fox007 Pennington Fox008 Pennington Fox009 Pennington Fox010 Pennington Fox011 Pennington Fox012 Pennington Fox013 Pennington Fox014 Pennington Fox015 Pennington Fox016 Pennington Fox017 Pennington Fox018 Pennington Fox019Now here is where we get to the part that will make you go “What the hell?” We’ve got someone from Dept of Homeland Security  a Dennis Hunsinger & what I am assuming is his wife or family member Jeanne Hunsinger then a Senator’s aide (Joseph Zarelli) Judy Rogers-LaVigne ALL COVERING HIS BUTT ON THE COUNTY/STATE DIME & TIME. I might also mention that this was filed during the time that Mr Pennington was supposed to be working for the people not on divorce strategies, not during lunch hour but during his work time.

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