What Happens to Animal Rescue Scammers

For some reasons unknown the Weather Channel did a story about Big Cat Rescue in Florida, a well known scam of a sanctuary. The owner is the prime suspect in the disappearance and possible death of her husband but she did get millions of dollars out of the deal so I’m sure that makes it worth the extra scrutiny.

At one time she ran a Wild Animal Park where you could rent a cabin for the night and have the animals “sleep” with you for the night, most of the animals there today were bred there by her or given willingly by people who didn’t do their research.

Well when the zoophelia angle did pan out as well as she had hoped she shifted her focus and called herself a sanctuary.

I’ve done stories about this “rescue” but didn’t think that anyone was listening to me, or had found mine of Barbara’s stories but I couldn’t have been more wrong based on the comments. I believe there are 555 comments, maybe 10 of them positive, about 20 of them are of BCR trying to defend their lies, theft, & deceit, the rest are all people who seemed to have gotten our message.

It seems the Animal Rights Con Artists are losing their edge. HSUS, PETA, the ASPCA are all being shown for what they are, most under investigation by the Feds, and people are starting to wise up.

The “Animal Rescue Racket” is still a big money maker though as we have seen in so many cases in our area.

Research and investigate any charity you are going to give your hard earned money too, give locally, to a place that you can go to and see what the conditions are. You have a right as a donor to ask to see their financial records, no matter what they try to tell you.

We had a very generous donor who wanted to remain anonymous who made it possible for me to do a lot of my activities and rescue and you can best believe when she wanted to see the receipts and statements that was my first project of the day, all of our donors had the same rights and respects, anyone operating above board should be more then happy to let you do the same.

Here is the facebook post causing such a ruckus

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